Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Pressure Comes From Every Where...

I had a conversation with the Hubs today, on the way home from school. We've talked to death about how nervous I am to apply to the Nursing Program at my school. It is no secret that it remains highly competitive, and I am even more competitive when it comes to grades. Acceptance letters went out recently and I've found that I am comparing myself to the people that I know, who have been accepted. Not a fun place to be.

We are under a lot of pressure to find a house. Time is running out, and we have about 3 weeks to get under contract to receive the tax credit... in the grand scheme of things, not a make or break deal, but enough to light the fire :)

Here is what I realized on the way home from school...

I do not have the power to control anything in this life. I cannot do any of the above mentions on my own. HE on the other hand controls the day to day, literally everything in my life and leads me according to his will. My wants and wishes are granted based on the things that give him glory.

The world will tell you everyday that you cannot do.. (insert personal situation here). And on your own, you may not, but with his help we can do anything.
Here is my achievement for the week. Sugar Mama recognizes all upper case and lower case letters, and we've started on sight words. This past week she read her first sentence. A matter of weeks ago, her preschool said she couldn't go to school there because she wasn't ready, in fact she wouldn't be ready for public school either. My video says other wise. God is good in everymoment...

His presence in our lives is enough. Merely touching the hem of his garment was enough to heal the body. He made the lame walk, the blind see, the deaf hear, even the dead rise. He wept, felt, cared, and was perfect. Even the disciples who walked daily with him, were astounded when he rose from the grave.. conquered death.. not only rose from it, but is ALIVE today.

When the world says you cannot.. remember that when he lives in you, so does his power. When they say it cannot be done, remember it can, because he did it first. We will never be in a situation that he hasn't walked through first, and is therefore he is the master of it to begin with. No matter what happens in this life, he gets the glory for all of it, and when it comes time to apply to the nursing program I pray it happens, and even if it doesn't he will still get the glory.. this is his life, I'm merely his vessel and remain thankful that he let me have even a little part of it.

Today I am Thankful for:

Stress: The kind that gives me pause... makes me panic just a little, then the realization that it was never in my control anyways. He is good, always, never a time when he is not, and I appreciate the not so subtle reminders :)


  1. I am thankful for these things as well. I am graduating in May and terrified that I will not have a job. I have been on 3 interviews and 2 of the 3 I have not gotten. The 3rd I just have not heard back from yet. After crying and stressing, I have came to the same realization that you have. I am not in control. Plain and Simple! I wish I was and sometimes I forget and think I am. But lets be honest we are so not in control.

    Good luck on the nursing school stuff and the house hunting. They both will come when the time is perfect!

    Thank you for the reminder of the small gestures that He is in control.

  2. Thnx Kristen, I know you know exactly what I'm talking about because you are literally going through the exact same things as me. My prayers are with you on the job hunt, and with your house :)

  3. Heather and RobinApril 07, 2010

    YAY !!!!!!!!! Give Olivia a huge hug and kiss from us for her progress!! No one can judge anyone else. No one knows how smart Olivia is until they give her a chance! Bump those schools, you are doing great !!!! Can't wait til summer to "dress-up" and "make-up" Olivia like she has been saying!! Love ya'll!! And SO SO SO SO SO SO PROUD of Sweet Girl!!! :D
    Lots of Love, <3
    Heather and Robin

  4. Leave it to my Plemons ladies to make me feel good about our little progress :) She is really proud of herself and she should be, she's doing a great job. Hope you are having a great spring break, love and miss all of you! :)

  5. Yah for Miss Olivia and yah for you as well. Give yourself a HUGE pat on the back! :O)