Sunday, April 18, 2010

An Invitation...

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Today was our Spring Fling at church.. it was scheduled for a couple of weeks back, but re-scheduled due to rain. Everyone in congregation was excited about the fun to be had this afternoon, and got quite the surprise during service. At most Baptist churches you will participate in an invitation at the end of the service. Music is played, it's usually devoid of conversation, and you come to an alter to pray. In our church, since we are not in a sanctuary, but a gym that we use for service.. we do not have an alter. We have steps that lead to the stage. Today, my pastor, gave an invitational.. and we prayed at the foot of the steps in a pseudo-alter.

Immediately a smile came across my face. During music worship I noticed two women silently filled with the spirit. I would never intrude, so I noticed, let it minister it's appropriate place, and kept moving. But this invitational was such a reminder of where I came from... so incredible.

It also got me to thinking about why this means so much to me. It's not about religion.. you can pray any where, any time, and you never have to kneel at an alter to get saved.. but here is what God laid on my heart...

There is no more humble place to be then on your knees. When you seek God to put the desires and burdens of your heart at the feet of the cross, your knees remind you that God is so Holy and Merciful. When I lie down at night, most often, I begin to pray as I am about to go to sleep. More often than not I notice that when I wake in the morning I got "Lord please forgive me for my sins.." out and then it's morning. Don't get me wrong, forgiveness of my sins is important but when I'm in that space it's like I equate myself to Jesus... I'm asking him to heal my friends and family of terrible illness, protect those that I love, give strength to women who council young ladies to not have abortions while I doze off to sleep. That is just not good enough.

An invitational was a surprise at my church today, but it shouldn't be because my praying knees are foreign to the concept. In fact it shouldn't be a surprise at all... he gave everything he had.. his life so that we might have an eternity with him, in his glory, with his treasures. Getting on my knees to talk with him simply reminds me that I am not equal with him... I bow before him because I am in awe of his power.. because I reverence his presence in my life.

Today I am Thankful for:

An invitational that brought me to my praying knees: Ugh, it just felt so good. To get out of my seat and walk up there and put it at his feet. And for the wonderful conversation God and I had about this blog!

Love to you all.

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