Sunday, April 11, 2010

It's Where My Heart Really Is....

The latter part of this week was rough for this household. We've had 2 sick babies because they have super allergies and our pollen count was over 5,000. Sugar Mama had to have meds for 3 days consistently and then on Friday the Nugget woke up with a fever and super nasty cough.. One co-pay, 2 hours, and several meds later... she has the croup and a double ear infection. The steroid they prescribed makes her even more work than normal life.. (sigh :)

Here are both of my worn out girls sleeping in the floor :)

Here are our constant streams of meds...

This weekend was M & M's (my niece) very 1st birthday :) The following pictures give you a glimpse at the absolute fun had by all.

Here is the nephew trying out M & M's bike. Doesn't it look like his pedaling will give him flight and he will fly away over the rainbow in Dorothy's dream?

What is better at birthdays then money... M & M cannot think of a thing :)

What is a birthday without cake. She takes the cake (get it cake, ha! I am so funny) anyways she wins the award for best face plant in a cake, in this family!

The Twin made this cake.. didn't she do a fab job?!?

Meet Mickey Mouse.. he was hanging out at our club house this weekend.

Here is the hubs playing bad mitten with a rake.. can you say cheater?

Mama J and Heather dominating the men.

Here is my dad.. you can look at parents together and tell me who you think I look like :)

More bad mitten.. that's my brother standing next to the ladder that retrieved birdies from the roof, and then Aunt Kim :)

These are the things that are truly in my heart. The best days of my life are when my entire family surrounds us and we are doing things together. You don't see me in these photos (I know, contain your shock) because I am sitting on the porch with my nanny, holding my nephew, while he went to sleep. My mom and aunt said it was the best time they'd had in a while :)

My family has always been this way, and it given me enormous joy for my children to experience it as well. Completely morbid moment, but I swear I think about these moments and hope that my children remember these times years from now.. THIS is what life is all about. It will never be about the money you have, the square footage of your house, or the luxury of your vehicle, but being surrounded by life and love. Actually living life, and having those days when you lie in bed, exhausted, and think "This was one of the best days of my life"...

Today I am Thankful for:

All of those people: even the ones you didn't see. One of the questions I plan to ask when I get to Heaven is how God chose our families. What did my little soul do in Heaven that granted me the opportunity to know, love, and better yet, BE loved by these people. Yet another reminder that his grace is beyond comprehension.

Love to you all!


  1. Your Favorite Person in the WHOLE world !!April 12, 2010

    AWWWWW!! Sorry about the sickness with the girls! Love the Elvis/Micky Mouse cake! Too CUTE !! And the little Oz bike was definatly "out of this world" adorable!! If you look in the back of the picture of your mom and Heather playing you can see Sugar Mama pushing M&M in that awesome stroller looking thing!! Love the pictures and message in the blog !!
    Lots of Love,

  2. hahahaha Mickey Elvis cake that is hysterical :) The OZ bike is one of my favorites, and they both loved it. Fun was had by all, and I hope you all had a great spring break :) Love all of you too!

  3. Looks another great time at your house! Hope the ladies are feeling better! Love you guys!