Thursday, April 15, 2010

Little To Report...

Tomorrow is Mama J's birthday. Today the Twin and I had loads of fun carrying the 3 girls split between the 2 of us up to see Mama J for lunch. What an adventure :)

First on the way to see Mama J, a driver on the interstate hit a big orange barrel doing about 70 mph and a car swerved to avoid hitting them and almost hit us in the process. We were all doing 70 and the only place for us to go was into the median... we would have all been seriously hurt, but the Lord saw fit to send my mind/body into flight or fight and I pulled my foot of the gas and held onto the steering wheel to keep us as straight as possible. The other driver missed us by inches.. whew!

When we finally get there we decided on a restaurant that has NO highchairs.. seriously no high chairs. Looks like the kiddos will be eating from the floor :) j/k The niece was held and about 2 minutes into the endeavor we discovered that her shot sites were really bothering her and her pleasantness went out with high chairs :)
In the middle of her tude' Mama J attempted to hand her off to the Twin who received one irritated nugget and big ol' glass of sweet tea in her lap. Kudos to her though because her response was "I guess those things happen when you are a mom" :)

After our lunch Mama J took the niece and Sugar Mama out of the booth and went outside while we gathered the rest of our things. The Twin let the Nugget out of the booth before me and as I was getting out she darted outside to find Mimi, who was already walking another direction. I ran and snatched her up RIGHT BEFORE she ran into the street. I seriously about had a heart attack... it was the 2nd time for the day that my system had gone into overload. Once I was sure that I had thwarted the onset of cardiac arrest the Twin and I headed over to Old Navy to replace the pants that indicated she'd had an adult accident :)

Having said all of that... Twice today I faced terrifying experiences. Have you ever had one of those moments that made you stop once it was done and check your emotions because you had officially been scared so badly you thought you might lose it for a second? Exactly how I felt when the Nugget almost went into the street... Luckily I was in public and gathered my composure quickly, but am so thankful that I was able to get to her in time.. the thought of the alternative is enough to send me back to psuedo-cardiac arrest...

On a lighter note, I made it through 55 minutes of non-stop cardio today, for the first time, without feeling like I would pass out :) Huge for me and I am so happy about this mini-accomplishment :)

Today I am Thankful for:

Mama J: Tomorrow is her birthday and I am thankful God saw fit to give her another birthday and that he gave her to my nanny to become mine, the twins, and my brother's :)

Also Mama J is taking an important trip this weekend to a place she shared with my step-dad. It is sure to awaken some emotions that have been stored away in a private place. I am thankful that God has given her the strength, and shown her a way to come back from a loss that could have destroyed her. He is good always, even in the moments when it seems we are alone, he is merely preparing our hearts for what we cannot see.

Love to you all!

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