Thursday, April 22, 2010

Such Is The Life..

No New Pictures... I was going to post some old ones that I've found in their various folders, but blogger is being wonky.

I don't really have anything clever or new to write today either. In fact I'm sitting in my living room, up before my kids usually get up, but today I am sitting with the Nugget, who is not feeling 100%. About 2 weeks ago she had the croup, and a double ear infection, and now I think it's viral, but the further we get from nursing the more frequently she gets sick. *Selfish Thought Of the Day* I wish she would feel better so I can go to the gym... Most days during that hour, I am certain I am going to die.. heart is pumping, sweating profusely, muscles and lungs screaming, but on the other side of that hour I feel like I have accomplished something big.

On another side note.. the past two times I have attempted to type hour, (make that three) it's come out house.. can you guess what is completely consuming my brain :)
I have done nothing but dream about the 100 + houses I have seen over the past couple of months.. interrupted by the Nugget calling me in her sleep, or Sugar Mama waking up to tell me she cannot sleep :) - How can you not laugh and enjoy it?

The fact is that the stress is getting to me. In just 2 weeks I will be out of school for the summer, it's the first "semester" that I have not gone since I started. Last summer I was devastated because I thought I would not get to go... what a difference a year will make :) I am looking forward to this break, which is making the rest of the semester so hard, because I have no interest in it... I can't wait to read a lot of books, play outside with my girls, go to the park/zoo/(anywhere else fun we have not been), take the girls to swimming lessons, actually swim in a pool with them... everything I love about summer. I've just got to keep on keeping on :)

That's my life for the past couple of days/weeks, I can no longer tell :) Sorry it's not very interesting or that I do not have pictures to share for grandparents.. I'll try to take some this weekend.

Today I am Thankful for:

My ever so thin patience: How do you know you have patience.. are you just certain it's there until you lose it? I've noticed lately that the Lord is letting me know that it's running thin and I need to remember my situation before I react. I, personally, am a little overwhelmed and that has nothing to do with my hubs, girls, friend or family.. just life, so I should not take those frustrations out on them. I'm not saying it doesn't happen.. b/c then I'd be perfect and we ALL know that is not the case, but I'm trying to check myself, and I'm sure my family is thankful for that too. :)

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