Friday, May 7, 2010

"The Best Day Ever"

Mama J bought the Nugget a one-year membership to the zoo for her birthday.. today we decided to surprise the girls with a quick trip :)

First of all-Word of advice: call and check ahead if there are field trips going on.. today they were and it was incredibly crowded.

Our first animal was a Prairie Dog.. Sugar Mama thought this was a cute animal, and thought it was funny that it wore a leash :)

Our next stop was the elephant show.. they are enormous, and that is made clear when you are a few feet away. Our elephant, Kelly, weighed 7,300 lbs, and was 27. Sugar Mama pointed out that she was awfully wrinkly.. even though she is the same age as her mama :)

Here is how we measure up to an elephant.. the Nugget was so scared of this skeleton replica I could hardly get her to stand next to it :)

The Zoo has a petting zoo.. it's really goats, sheep, and pigs.. Our girls found this to be a wonderful part of the trip :) I'm pretty sure all of the goats were preggo.. if not then they eat way too much :)

After the visit with the Kangaroos we were off to the playground.. which was over capacity due to the field trips.. again Call Ahead!! The Girls took a rest on their way..

The Tamarans at the zoo (there are 3 of them) included a baby.. this is mama nursing.. Sugar Mama found the tail sticking out very funny :)
While this was happening there was a woman behind me who marveled at the simplicity of it all and said to her children "Isn't it wonderful how God set it up to give this mother exactly what she needed to care for her baby?"... It was a two-fold situation.. the first: I felt the same way.. it's amazing how God thought of everything. second: how strong of this woman.. I was inspired by a woman who I did not know to continue to talk open with my children about God, no matter the place or situation.

When Mama is done, Daddy comes around and picks up the baby and takes care of him for the rest of the time.. Isn't that wonderful ;) Here is daddy and baby hanging out...

We took a picnic lunch which is highly recommended..

Desert: Cotton Candy.. such a zoo food :)

The hubs even got in on the action ;)

While we sat to eat out lunch Sugar Mama exclaimed "Mama this was the best day ever"...

Today, That's What I am Thankful for..

Happy Mother's Day to all of you!!

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  1. I love this one. I love the pictures of the lunch with the cotton candy and stuff. Yall looked like yall had a great time.