Saturday, May 22, 2010

A Lifetime...

This is my family of four... just this past Christmas. Have you ever wondered how we got started? Well today I'm going to tell you :)

Way back in 2001 I was at a dance club. I am aware of how funny that is, but then, I loved to dance. I went to this same place, literally every weekend, for two years. I hung out with the exact same people all the time, but one week end night I ran into a boy.. one I had never seen before.

For me it was instantaneous, but I don't think it was for him. You'd have to ask him, but I knew from the moment I met his eyes that I would marry him. That's a tall order for a 19 year old. During that first meeting there was a girl in his circle of friends that liked him, and she didn't like me liking him :)
I went back to hang out with my friends and he was there, but so was the girl.. I was not happy. I was standing in the door way having a small conversation with him when this girl stepped in between us and sat in his lap. (In hindsight, I had no right to be irritated as I had just met him, and he didn't like me yet, but I was beyond irritated)... So I turned around and left. That's right walked right out the door. But... before I could get to my car, he had followed me and stopped me. I told him simply that I didn't care for all that non-sense, I liked him and would like to see him again.. and then I did something brave/crazy... I leaned in and kissed him :)

It all worked he called me that very night and we continued to talk for hours on the phone every night. We still saw each other every weekend at the same place that we met, and had our first date not long after. If you can call seeing a movie with all of our mutual friends a date. But that was all that I saw of him... only on the weekends.

The Wednesday before Thanksgiving in 2001 we saw each other and I teased him and the others in our group that he was my "weekend boyfriend." I guess that indicated to him that I had a through the week boyfriend and he decided that we should be exclusive :)
*On a side note: that very first night that I met him he would not dance with me.. every time I tried he would tolerate it for a second and then say "I'm going to let some one else dance with you..." So irritating, the twin can recall this story as well, but he denies it with passion :)

So we remained boyfriend and girlfriend for a while. During the next year and a half we moved along seamlessly and I was very comfortable with where we were. My grandmother had passed away the January after we met, and during that time I was a mess. He was wonderful at picking up the pieces.. you know they will stick when they see your crazy :) But after that year and half I noticed that a lot of people around me were getting married.. we had not even talked about it. When we did he was quiet on the issue. I suggested that until we knew for sure that we wanted to get married we shouldn't talk about it anymore, and we didn't.

On my 21st birthday we decided to go to Vegas. A lot of his family lives out that way and I had never met them. I was very nervous.. it was a lot of pressure to travel across the country to meet your boyfriend's family. At the airport he was very nervous and agitated. I chalked it up to being on the plane.. this was only my 2nd time on a place that I hadn't jumped out of. When we got to security he refused to open his luggage, and I was totally confused as to why.. Just open the stupid luggage, but NO we had to go to another check point. When we finally got there he put something in the safe.. My thought was "What in the world would you possibly want to put in the safe?"
In case you are wondering I can be blissfully unaware at times.
Later than night after visiting Vegas places we came back to our room and we're eating dinner. We were so tired from the time change and the celebrations the night before that we were just lying there talking. He propped up and was nervous again.. He stumbled through some words and then just blurted " I was wondering if you would marry me" .... I was no longer tired. I shot up and told him it was not a funny joke. He went to the safe, got the ring he had so fiercely protected and asked me again. I burst into tears and said YES!!!

Another funny moment, I called Mama J to tell her and her words were "Do NOT get married in Vegas" :)

10 Months later we were married.. here are a few picture from the day...

Today is our anniversary...

Today I am Thankful for:

Him: God brought him to me, and he is a fantastic husband and an amazing father. I simply could not have asked for a more marvelous man and I am thankful he's mine :)


  1. ......AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!......... Thats was SO SWEET!!! I had never heard the whole story, just bits and pieces. AWWWW!!!!!!! :D


  2. And that's really not the whole story, because the whole one would have taken a lot longer to tell :)

  3. Haha. Well it's was a GREAT short one! :D