Wednesday, May 26, 2010

School's Out For Summer!!!

You've known this for a little while, but it's officially started here. In fact Sugar Mama and the Nugget started swimming lessons this week. It was not, but after the hubs doing so, it's making me emotional to watch Sugar Mama and all of the learning she's doing. It really makes you realize how quickly they go from babies to big girls. Sugar Mama is no longer afraid to put her face in the water, in face she started learning how to dive yesterday :)

Another big girl moment for this week: The Nugget is potty training.. can you say headache?!? I had to try because she is very prone to talking off all of her clothes and her diapers.. I think it's because she wants to wear panties. I will not tell you about all of the catastrophes that can happen when a toddler is buck-naked in her crib in the mornings... either way it has been a procrastination point for me.. but here we are. Yesterday she was dry mostly all day because she would only pee when I put her in a diaper for swim lessons and nap.. but then she was dry almost all afternoon/evening and after taking her every 30 minutes and sining crazy songs in the bathroom she was not interested. I took her off the potty, literally 2 minutes later she peed in her panties.. (((sigh)))

It's going to be insanely busy this week.. hence the non-photos post. I don't know how much I will post this week and I'll ask your prayers about that. I cannot share just yet, but I ask that you remember us in your prayers and I will share just as soon as I can :)

I hope all of you have started out having a wonderful summer, and I love you all!!

Today I am Thankful for:

A better attitude.. yesterday mine was not so great and it started off with the above mentioned catastrophes that happen when your toddler is naked. I had to ask forgiveness because I just felt like my attitude was nasty, but today is a new day and I am determined to have a better one :)


  1. I started Maddie a month after she turned 2 and she was day time trained 5 days later. Kept her completely naked (except for naps and bedtime) and that did the trick. first day she had a few accidents, second day less, etc. by day 5 she was accident free! keep it up, consistancy is the key :)

  2. The Oldest was a breeze, she was completely potty trained before her 2nd birthday, but it was a lot of work for me. I vowed to NOT do it until the youngest was ready.. we'll have to see. Going into a public bathroom with 2 girls is a nightmare :)