Saturday, May 15, 2010

Slow and Fast Simultaneously...

Seems like the weeks take forever since I don't have school to stretch them out, and the weekends are over before I can blink my eyes.

This time last week, I was eagerly anticipating Mother's Day.. when my kids would be all excited because it was my day and the hubs did all kinds of extra special stuff for me, and I got to spend an insane amount of money on a purse that, quite frankly, I am afraid of carrying because of dirt :)

This weekend we visited a local festival that was murderously hot, claustrophobia inducing crowded, but filled with great hand-made items for purchase. I love those types of festivals. It means something when an item was created by hand. After spending three hours in the heat, we came home to have sandwiches, which are awesome compared to fast food, and I took a nap. I know, I know... One minute I was watching iCarly and the next I woke up to my husband letting the newspaper salesman in the house to use the bathroom, ha! While I was sleeping he put the girls in their swim suits (or swim soups as Sugar Mama calls them) and let them play in the water hose :)

We did not have swim diapers so the hubs let the Nugget wear a regular one.. let's just say swim diapers are needed :) otherwise you get all kinds of crystals and not the good kind. After they were toweled off and dry we sat down as a family and watched "The Sandlot" and "The Goonies". I was born in the eighties.. and I heart that decade... everything about it.. well almost everything, the fashion is something they can keep. It's struggling to gain some footing in the 2010 and I for one am protesting it's return. But the movies and music are just the best.. to me it symbolizes a decade of innocence. Movies were about a poor girl who cannot afford a prom dress who accepts a date from the popular rich guy. Rich guy learns he's a jerk and Molly Ringwald was the bomb, and Duckie.. well who can forget Duckie? Anyways the hubs has not even seen the Goonies yet and I am happy to share these things with my family.

Have you seen the move "Teen Witch" with Robin Lively? Seriously one of my all time favorites and I'm pretty sure you can buy it on for like .50.. well not that cheap but you get the picture ;)

Do you have a favorite decade movie?

Lastly, Sugar Mama has been waking up in the middle of the night to tell me that she cannot sleep. For a woman who did not sleep for the first 10 months of the Nugget's live, I consider my sleep to be a precious commodity, especially since I had to sleep train the nugget for an additional 9 months before I could really sleep. So my solution was to not let her watch t.v. She was very angry about this because she is only allowed to watch cartoons during quiet time (the Nugget's nap time) and for 1 hour before she goes to bed.. now she listen to the radio. So I'm reading her the book "I'll Love You Forever" and I got so choked up I had to stop for a minute. This sleep issue has been driving me crazy, but as I'm snuggled up with my baby girl literally watching this woman grow old in a matter of minutes, well it's simply heart breaking to realize how fast they grow and for how short a time they are really ours.

Today I am Thankful for:

Reading Time: I can tell that Sugar Mama really loves books. I do too, there is just something about my own mental images that gives life to a book that draws me in every time. I like that we can share that for just a few minutes a day.

Very often now I hear the Nugget say "Mama you okay?" and it is the best thing in the world. I had a conversation with my aunt the other day and after hanging up I was angry about her situation.. not at her, she had done nothing wrong, but simply angry at the way she was being treated and the helplessness I felt because of it, and I burst into tears. Both of my girls ran up to me and gave me hugs and the Nugget asked if I was okay as she wiped away a tear. I imagine God holds us in the same, in a way we don't even realize.
Whatever my girls choose to do with their lives, even if they do not make the best grades and become 2 of the most brilliant people on the earth (although there is little doubt in that department ;) my prayer is that they are honest and kind.
Of these things only three remain: Faith, Hope and Love.. and the Greatest is Love. I hope through their honesty and kindness they will show their world God's Love.

Love to you all!

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