Sunday, May 2, 2010

They Are Merely Words...

...until they are put together..


Entire songs are written about love, for one another, beauty that surrounds us, but before they were penned on paper they were single words bound by no existence. However, in the right context you can literally be transformed into any moment...

Do any of these have a significant meaning to you? What about when they are placed as..
"As he hung on the cross he said Forgive them Father, for they know not what they do... This explains the most significant concept in the bible.. forgiveness.. to forgive those who have forsaken you, beaten you, humiliated you, betrayed you.. forgive them, for they do not truly know what they do.
I imagine we've all found ourselves in this place. Innocence replaced by cynicism, Freedom replaced by burden, Beauty replaced by Baggage, and to look at in the face of that seclusion and forgive.. they are not just words. They were before Jesus spoke them, but once he uttered them, they had life... one that has lived over 2,000 years. A life that writes books, songs, opens relationships, and built a foundation for a world to know that something much bigger than ourselves lives out there.

I ask for forgiveness... for my imperfections, burdens, sins, disobedience, for I do not know what I do.

How about another context..

What's your address.. right now you are reciting it in your mind.. but those are just words too.. numbers proceeded by words of magnolia, smith, names of neighborhoods, or fancy words for buildings.. but when coupled with a lifetime.. they have meaning.

Miranda Lambert has a song titled "The House That Built Me"

Have you ever longed to go back to the house that built you.. look at the walls, floors, stair railing, kitchen and just simply remember that life? My nanny lived at an address that I cannot remember.. but I could take you there.. even in my mind. I could tell you that it always made me laugh that she collected cows, that the 2nd bedroom of the 3 in her house was where she let me watch the Simpsons when Mama J didn't think it was a good idea. That in the 3rd bedroom of her 3 she kept her sewing machine, and 2 cabbage patch dolls for 2 cousins I have never met. And that in the bed of the master bedroom is where she said her final goodbyes to this world.

I haven't been to that house in 8 years.. the last being the time we cleaned out her belongings.. I long very much to simply go into that house and remember... She will not be there.. her scent has faded, her belongings packed in boxes and distributed among children and grandchildren, but I long only for a memory.. something in that house to trigger my mind to remember her face, her laugh, the countless times I spent there and simply forgot to remember...things I cannot call upon at will, but must seek out, because to much time has passed.

There, I spoke merely words, but I lived love.. There I spoke merely words, but I left a little part of my soul.. for at the end of the day.. they are only words, the life part is up to us.. we must give life to the words that are merely words..

Today I am Thankful for:

A very strong emotion behind this post.. in fact as I was typing the tears threatened to flow.. I cannot explain it, but I am thankful he has given me this moment to simply remember...


  1. Heather P.May 03, 2010

    Wow! All I can say is ..... WOW !! That was beautiful! And so true !!
    I love you Christina and your way with words!
    ~Heather~ :D

  2. I cannot tell you how much your comment me to me to read :) Sometimes, after writing a blog, I feel I've put too much of myself out there, but one of you Plemons' ladies all reigns me back in to a safe place. I love you so much, thanks for continuing to read!!