Tuesday, May 4, 2010

We Are Officially in the Plural...

My Nugget is officially two years old... I looked at the clock at the time she was born and tried very hard to remember two years ago and how exhausted I was after her incredibly traumatic birth (that is not an exaggeration-they literally turned her 180 degrees in the womb) and subsequently thought about the week she spent in the NICU and how sad I was to leave her, but looking at her now you would never know those things :)

Nugget girl-you:

Wear: A size 4 diaper, 3T shirts (heehee) and 2T shorts and pants

You love: To read, eat, watch iCarly (parent of the year award is won by this alone :), bubbles, your sister, Dooley, all grandparents, M & M (you ask me every day to see a picture of her), Justin Beiber songs, hitting (ugh), baths, coloring-even on things that should not be colored on, dancing, Elmo, and to do any thing you can alone.

You do not like: being left anywhere (i.e. church school, kids room at the gym, etc), being told what to do, going to the potty, taking a nap (although you love it after you've taken it :), anyone who aggravates you :)

We celebrated by having your family over for cupcakes.. I made you an Elmo cake because there was no theme and you love him so much :)

You even blew out your own candle :)

You ate the icing off of three cupcakes :)

Sister bought you this, for your birthday, your first dress up outfit and shoes, which you love!!

Here you are reading the Elmo book the Aunt Twin gave you :)

Today I am Thankful for:

2 years ago you stepped into my life and it has not been the same since. They say that you forget the pain as soon as you see the face of your precious baby.. I'm not sure that is entirely true, but I remember your birth vividly and I am so thankful God gave you just to me :)

All of the family that surrounds you, letting you know how incredibly loved you are.. you are very lucky to have so many wonderful people in your life :)

Today is the anniversary of the day Mama J and her husband were married... She is always so great about the close proximity of the days and I am so thankful for her selflessness :)


  1. I love her little dress she got for her birthday. She is growing up so fast, but she is still cute as ever. both of them are. They are beautiful little girls

  2. I know, it's so sad how quickly they turn from babies to little girls.. thinking too hard about it makes me cry. You'll find out soon enough :)