Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Ha! That is the sound that Sugar Mama keeps making as she dances around the living room getting dressed for the day. Isn't that the beauty of summer?... the ability to plan your day as you see fit, doing nothing you choose not to and including all the wonderfully fun things that get left behind in any other season.

That's us. Our days are ours and my children are accustomed to going and doing something everyday. I haven't felt like it this week. I have a double ear infection and maybe the beginning of a sinus infection... but it's really minor, certainly nothing to complain about.

Yesterday however, I decided we did need to get out of the house. We went first to Kirkland's to find stuff for the house. What I didn't realize was that they don't have shopping carts and the Nugget was literally like a bull in a china shop :) She wants to touch everything and what purpose does broken goods serve for your home? You break it, you buy it and then display it and hope people feel sorry for you :) We did not stay long. And we didn't get a chance to buy anything.

Next we went to the Goodwill. I love buying books from here because I am an avid reader and they aren't cheap. So I bought 10 books for $16... such a great deal especially when you consider that at a regular store (not even the Walmart) it would have cost around $75.

Our day concluded with a trip to see Toy Story 3. I wasn't sure about it at first b/c the girls have not seen 1 or 2, but it's a Disney movie.. I don't think they would have cared. But it was great.. a little irritating when grown adults break in a very obvious line, but the Nugget sat through the ENTIRE movie without getting up one time and I think they wrapped up the trilogy very nicely. It also made me so proud to do something like that on my own :) I'm super mom!!

I do not have pictures because my memory card is full. Very full. But it's such a daunting and expensive task to take all 400 pictures and have them printed out.. because then I will have to put them in albums.. (sigh) But I'll need my camera very soon so I will just have to do it. Until then I won't have any new ones to share unless we use the cellphones :)

Today I am Thankful for:

Freedom: Of choice, of day decisions, everything that only a few decades ago might not have been possible. I am awarded the opportunity to stay at home with my children and watch them grow. I do not make a dime, I work all the time without vacations or sick days and yet at the end of the day I consider myself to be amongst wealthiest people because I could never buy or work for what they give me everyday.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Summer Activities..

Aside from being a mom of 2 little girls, I once was a preschool teacher before I decided that being in charge of other people's children was just not for me.

I picked up a lot of stuff over that time about ways to fill the time.. here are some of my favorites.

1. Do a parade. There is nothing more entertaining to children that being handed an instrument and playing that instrument as loudly as possible. Put on some dress up clothes and hats and march around whatever room you are in and just let them have a ball. Obviously the more people the louder and better it will be :)

2. Make your own play dough. Kate Gosselin used an edible recipe on her show that I thought was awesome but I cannot remember it. I'm sure you can google it. But it works their fine-motor skills which during the preschool years is so important so they are strong enough to hold a pencil when the time comes.

3. Get Sugar Cookie dough from your local grocery store. You mix some eggs and water I think and roll it out. We've done this a couple of times. Once you mix it, roll out and get whatever kind of cookie cutters you have. We used Halloween, Christmas and Spring ones in February :) This could be done with the edible play dough as well. When finished let them decorate however they wish and they will be creative as well.

4. A sand/water table. We just recently purchased a small table from for the Nugget's birthday. We also bought water Barbies, and an Alex Fishing game to include with the table. It's an exploratory event. They can feel the water and/or sand and explore what those things do when they run in through a sifter or pack it into a bucket. The Barbies give them an opportunity to create their own water scenarios and the fishing practices their fine-motor skills. And when it's close to 100 degrees outside who doesn't love to get a little wet? :)

5. We love to feed the ducks around our house. At my college they have ducks, swans, etc. We took the girls one time and they were hooked. They thinks its fun plus there is a lesson in hospitality. One of our best memories was listening to Sugar Mama explain to the ducks that they had to share with the other ducks :)

6. A website that I came across years ago: It has everything you could possibly want or need: art projects for all ages, healthy and fun snacks, lessons in select subjects, even handwriting activities for older children. It's free, but accepts donations to keep the sight up and running. It's organized into specific topics and was a great lifesaver when I had to come up with my own lesson plans. Of course you can also pick up books with various science and art ideas.

7. Check out your local library and/or Movie theater. Here both programs offer activities over the summer for free. The library has free story/music time usually followed by a craft or snack. And our movie theater offers a free movie Tuesday-Thursday before the regular theater opens. It's usually the movies that were opening last summer but we've caught great movies for free b/c we didn't see them the summer before. *If your local facilities don't provide these activities maybe you can be the local hero and suggest them* :)

7 in the number of completion so I leave you with those. I hope you have a wonderful summer!!

Today I am thankful for:

We have a play room that houses all of our wonderful activities... one stop shopping :)

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

It's Sad and Sweet...

To hear your 5 year old praying about her bad dreams.

It's a new thing in our house and she's old enough to have and remember them. The other night she came in my room in tears (at like 3 in the morning.. which is scary in it's own right but when she walks across the house noiselessly only to shout at you standing right next to you.. well it's heart attack inducing). She says that she had a dream that a bad man was trying to take her away from her Mimi (Mama J) and that he cut her into halfas (that pronounced like teefhies which she calls teeth)...

It happened about every other night for several days..not the same dream but something equally scary and sleep preventing. So finally after her coming into my room and scaring the night lights (it would be day lights but it's in the middle of the night for crying out loud) out of me it occurred to me that we should pray about it... we did it together and coupled with a little light from her closet...

p.s. there is a message there.. he is the light in the darkness always, and the evil that scares my baby in her dreams is driven away in his presence.. forgive me or don't but I'm having my own church right now..

And the dreams stopped coming. Today we spent several hours at the pool and she was overly tired. When we lie down for bed she started to cry and said "Mommy I forgot to pray about my bad dreams".. so I encouraged her to say a prayer specifically for them.

It's so hard and yet such a proud moment to hear my baby girl, her voice thick with tears asking God to keep her dreams good, and not let her have any more bad dreams "and that's all I wanted to say" it simultaneously makes me so angry at evil in general.. and yet so comforted and strong that those evils will never stand a chance against my God.. he is only a prayer away, and more often than not you will find him closer than that.

Today I am Thankful for:

Those prayers that come from the five-year old heart.... it is so humbling to hear such pure words. She always prays for her family to get better, and for God to teach her heart but she also prays for her and Mimi and her friend Conner to ride a horse. There is nothing she does not talk to him about, and quite frankly she's in the know :)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

It's Birthday Bonanza...

This weekend we celebrated 3 birthdays in the Lively Situation. The Nugget, who was weeks ago, but we were packing/moving so we combined with.. Sugar Mama who just turned 5, and then the Hubs who just turned... well he just turned :)

It was also a great opportunity for our families to see the new house... which, by the way, has gotten lots of interests. I received an email from a distant family member on Facebook asking for me to post pictures of my house.. ha!

We kept it as low key as I could keep it... we rented a huge water slide, had hamburgers and hot dogs and just let the kids have a grand ol' time sliding until they were exhausted :) At first we had it going down hill, and that had way too much potential for injury so we turned it and even the adults got in on the action. We knew this could be a possibility b/c we rented this slide about 3 years back and if we would have recorded we would have won America's Funniest Home Videos :)

This is the Water Slide..

Nugget girl who was content with just waiting at the bottom... (with my dad :)

Sugar Mama who spent HOURS going up and down this slide.. it was set up at 12:30 and she didn't get off until 6:30....

Presents: I asked for no presents but NO ONE ever listens to me.. in lieu of presents we asked for diapers for our local Pregnancy Resource Center.. they out smarted me and brought both..

They had a wonderful time and were exhausted when the day was done. You know it's great when Sugar Mama says "This was the Best Day Mommy"...

Today I am Thankful for:

All of their births.. how special they all are and we got to celebrate together with our loved ones.. it does not get better than that :)

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

They Make Me Smile...

It's been just as busy this week as weeks past. I guess that is the thing about Summer, it's beautiful outside so you cannot stay inside for long. This is one of my favorite seasons and I think daily how lucky I am to have the luxury of freedom of time. I plan what we do or do not do every day and it's a treasure. One day they will want to hang out with friends, work, go to cheer camp, etc. and I won't have anything to do and I can look back on these fun filled days and love them.

It's also birthday time around here.. Sugar Mama just turned 5... can you believe it? I cannot. About 3 years ago I started having our families over for cup cakes on their actual birthdays. Especially if it's in the middle of the week and the party isn't until the weekend it gives them a mini-celebration pre-party :)

Here is Sugar Mama helping me bake her cup cakes... well licking the spoon once I was done :)

My niece even got in on the action...

Happy Birthday To You!!! (That face is her shy smile...she gets it and her tongue sort of hangs out when she is very embarrassed)

Sugar Mama and the Nugget received umbrella hats from the in-laws.. here is my dad trying one out on what my sister calls his "fat head" :)

I missed the opportunity to take a picture of the Nugget with a chocolate mustache because amidst the chaos we had a contractor visiting to give us an estimate on finishing out our basement for Mama J :)

But they all make me smile. Here is the thing: My doctors told me Sugar Mama would never make it. I had pre-term labor, and cervix issues and those things would never support her the way she should be and I would lose her before 30 weeks. It was an emotional roller coaster and the day I had her was equally scary. My epidural didn't take b/c they didn't check me first and she came pretty quickly. Right after they discovered her lungs might be under developed because she was 4 weeks early and she spent a week in the NICU.. she did not come home when I did.. one of the most heart breaking things I have ever done.

Looking at her now you would never know those things. She is a beautiful and smart 5 year old girl. She can tumble, write her name, and jump in pools with out floaties. No one in this world or beyond it is more powerful than God. I prayed, a lot of us prayed for her survival and God answered those prayers. Not only did he answer but his grace and mercy was found in a situation where they said it wouldn't be. He would have been the same God had he taken her when the doctors said she would go..

But Today I am Thankful for:

Those long, emotional, tiring months when he held her in his hands before he passed her along to me. She has always been his, he has merely let me borrow her and I will forever be grateful for her presence in my life.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Do Not Be Alarmed..

Lively Situation is fine.. I have been so busy over the past few days that I couldn't spare even a minute to sit down and blog. Right now I'm typing this as I make lunch :)

Saturday we (all 3 Lively Situation Girls) went to a baby shower. My oldest Plemons daughter is having her first baby and we took our gifts and enjoyed our visit. I'll post the pictures as soon as I get some.. I forgot my camera so I'll have to get some from the Plemons :)

On my way home from the shower I got a phone call from the hubs.. he was unloading his new lawn mower and the 4 x 4 fell on his foot. Seriously nauseating, but it was not broken and that was good all the way around. During the visit to the doctor they asked when his last blood work was... "Um, never I can't remember ever giving blood".. ha, that how often he goes to the doctor.. NEVER. He has a scar on the back of his head b/c when he was 8 he fell and split his head open.. he convinced his mom he didn't need to go get stitches, and he didn't. :)

I was a stand-in preschool director this weekend and it's scary to be out of your element. Our real preschool director is amazing and she set it up fool proof, but it was scary to even be in charge a little bit and I felt like a fish out of water. I was glad for it to be over, and certainly do not wish to be in her shoes :)

I have tried to rest b/c the girls have a birthday party this weekend and I have a lot to do, but I didn't get any rest and both Saturday and Sunday night I felt like a dead person walking by bed time. Have you ever gotten to the end of your day and were not sure you had enough energy to actually finish? Yeah that was me.

So it's been crazy and I have not had a spare minute, but it's going to be a good week. And I will share lots of photos with you in the coming days :)

Today I am Thankful for:

God's protection over the Hubs' foot. It was not broken, even though it looked narley enough to convince me it was, and no one was more thankful for that then the hubs :)

Monday, June 7, 2010

Pay No Attention To the Wizard Behind the Curtain...

A random title for a random post :)

I intend to discuss everything that has been going on with us for the past week. Officially we have been here for one week. Last Monday we started painting because the weather here was not good so there was no swimming or lying by the pool.

Here is my dad painting Sugar Mama's room. Isn't he the bomb? He and the Hubs knocked it OUT and they did a great job :)

Of course she had to get in on the action :)

Here is the finished product. This is Sugar Mama's bedroom, which was previously blue. When we viewed the house the first time and we determined it would be her bedroom she let me know that blue walls simply would not do :) So here are her pink walls. Pay close attention to her bed, she made it herself :)

Here is the Nugget's room. It's just a different shade of pink. My dad's wife kept making references to Steel Magnolias when she described her wedding and "Two entirely different shades of Pink".. but what else do you paint a little girls room? Besides the Nugget is still in her crib and so she still has her baby bedding, this was as good as it was getting :)

This was the Nugget her first night in her new room. Believe it or not she has adjusted incredibly well considering she woke up one morning living in one house and came home living in another.

You will also notice she is sleeping on a pillow. Her baby bedding came with the smallest pillow and she has slept on it forever, but we upgraded her just a couple days ago, and I didn't have any pink pillowcases so as I was unpacking I found this one :) Go Dawgs!!

In the midst of all the chaos the girls had swimming lessons... This is the Nugget ready to go :)

This is Sugar Mama learning how to dive.
*Side note: I have much better pictures and ones of the Nugget actually participating, however, I cannot find my memory stick duo so I can't upload from my camera yet*

Swimming lessons finally ended Friday and the girls had an awesome time. Sugar Mama is much more confident in the water so to me it was worth the money.

We also discovered this week how far away we are from everything... it takes up 30 minutes to get to the nearest highway and that simply boggles the mind. I've always lived minutes (single, never in the double digit) from the interstate and it's a little weird. The bright side: We are also not close to any fast food restaurants so we will be cooking all the time. We are sure to be millionaires by the end of the summer :)

Summary: We love it here. Sugar Mama and I established a love for Home Depot yesterday as we walked through and bought Weed and Feed (yeah I didn't know about it either), a spreader, caulk, and some other random items. Sugar Mama and I wanted to buy vegetable seeds and hydrangeas. We are excited to be getting a playground in the near future and to have a birthday party in just 2 weeks. Our family will finally get to see the house and we can't wait :) God is so good all the time...

Today I am Thankful for:

The Playroom: Right now my two children are upstairs playing in a room that holds all of their toys.. they are quiet, playing nicely and I have had enough time to take pictures for this blog, upload said pictures, insert said pictures, and type this whole blog without hearing "Mommy" one time :)

I got that out right before they came down stairs :)

Friday, June 4, 2010

Misses and Kisses...

Man Oh Man.. what an insane week this has been....

I am so sorry that I've been M.I.A, but who knew that being a home owner was so much work? Not me :) We painted Monday, Moved Tuesday and Wednesday, Got settled Thursday and went without power Today b/c the previous owner didn't pay his bill and I had not established it in my name first.. I know, I know, it was like last on my list, but fear not, we are electrified now :)

P.S. after they came to turn the power off, without telling me, they then charged me $45 dollars to turn it on again today... otherwise we would have been powerless for the entire weekend. Can you say gougers?

So the girls love it here.. they think their play room is amazing.. in fact as I type they are yelling into the karaoke machine various cheers while the hubs attempts to sleep...
scratch that: Sugar Mama has chased the Nugget into my bedroom and tripped her causing an immediate crying spell from both, even though Sugar Mama was not injured :)

Needless to say it's been chaos... we still do not have cable b/c even though I called almost a week ago, it will not be until Monday that they come and set up service.. that commercial of DirecTv coming out and setting up your service on the red carpet is a myth.. just so you know :)

We are off to the store... for drinks for dinner.. I still haven't been to the grocery store :)

Today I am Thankful for:

Things being there when you need them. Ever been upset over something and then had the thought immediately after "I'm just glad it was there when I needed it?".... Me too....

Love to you all!!