Tuesday, June 22, 2010

It's Birthday Bonanza...

This weekend we celebrated 3 birthdays in the Lively Situation. The Nugget, who was weeks ago, but we were packing/moving so we combined with.. Sugar Mama who just turned 5, and then the Hubs who just turned... well he just turned :)

It was also a great opportunity for our families to see the new house... which, by the way, has gotten lots of interests. I received an email from a distant family member on Facebook asking for me to post pictures of my house.. ha!

We kept it as low key as I could keep it... we rented a huge water slide, had hamburgers and hot dogs and just let the kids have a grand ol' time sliding until they were exhausted :) At first we had it going down hill, and that had way too much potential for injury so we turned it and even the adults got in on the action. We knew this could be a possibility b/c we rented this slide about 3 years back and if we would have recorded we would have won America's Funniest Home Videos :)

This is the Water Slide..

Nugget girl who was content with just waiting at the bottom... (with my dad :)

Sugar Mama who spent HOURS going up and down this slide.. it was set up at 12:30 and she didn't get off until 6:30....

Presents: I asked for no presents but NO ONE ever listens to me.. in lieu of presents we asked for diapers for our local Pregnancy Resource Center.. they out smarted me and brought both..

They had a wonderful time and were exhausted when the day was done. You know it's great when Sugar Mama says "This was the Best Day Mommy"...

Today I am Thankful for:

All of their births.. how special they all are and we got to celebrate together with our loved ones.. it does not get better than that :)

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