Wednesday, June 23, 2010

It's Sad and Sweet...

To hear your 5 year old praying about her bad dreams.

It's a new thing in our house and she's old enough to have and remember them. The other night she came in my room in tears (at like 3 in the morning.. which is scary in it's own right but when she walks across the house noiselessly only to shout at you standing right next to you.. well it's heart attack inducing). She says that she had a dream that a bad man was trying to take her away from her Mimi (Mama J) and that he cut her into halfas (that pronounced like teefhies which she calls teeth)...

It happened about every other night for several days..not the same dream but something equally scary and sleep preventing. So finally after her coming into my room and scaring the night lights (it would be day lights but it's in the middle of the night for crying out loud) out of me it occurred to me that we should pray about it... we did it together and coupled with a little light from her closet...

p.s. there is a message there.. he is the light in the darkness always, and the evil that scares my baby in her dreams is driven away in his presence.. forgive me or don't but I'm having my own church right now..

And the dreams stopped coming. Today we spent several hours at the pool and she was overly tired. When we lie down for bed she started to cry and said "Mommy I forgot to pray about my bad dreams".. so I encouraged her to say a prayer specifically for them.

It's so hard and yet such a proud moment to hear my baby girl, her voice thick with tears asking God to keep her dreams good, and not let her have any more bad dreams "and that's all I wanted to say" it simultaneously makes me so angry at evil in general.. and yet so comforted and strong that those evils will never stand a chance against my God.. he is only a prayer away, and more often than not you will find him closer than that.

Today I am Thankful for:

Those prayers that come from the five-year old heart.... it is so humbling to hear such pure words. She always prays for her family to get better, and for God to teach her heart but she also prays for her and Mimi and her friend Conner to ride a horse. There is nothing she does not talk to him about, and quite frankly she's in the know :)

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  1. Too Sweet for words!!!!!!!!!!
    She has been raised in a GREAT home, that she knows she should go to the Lord with everything, good or bad! You and Jesse are doing a GREAT job with your beautiful children! :)
    I love ya'll like a fat kid loves cake (ALOT)!
    P.S.(sorry we didn't make it to the party! :( I really wanted to come!)