Monday, June 7, 2010

Pay No Attention To the Wizard Behind the Curtain...

A random title for a random post :)

I intend to discuss everything that has been going on with us for the past week. Officially we have been here for one week. Last Monday we started painting because the weather here was not good so there was no swimming or lying by the pool.

Here is my dad painting Sugar Mama's room. Isn't he the bomb? He and the Hubs knocked it OUT and they did a great job :)

Of course she had to get in on the action :)

Here is the finished product. This is Sugar Mama's bedroom, which was previously blue. When we viewed the house the first time and we determined it would be her bedroom she let me know that blue walls simply would not do :) So here are her pink walls. Pay close attention to her bed, she made it herself :)

Here is the Nugget's room. It's just a different shade of pink. My dad's wife kept making references to Steel Magnolias when she described her wedding and "Two entirely different shades of Pink".. but what else do you paint a little girls room? Besides the Nugget is still in her crib and so she still has her baby bedding, this was as good as it was getting :)

This was the Nugget her first night in her new room. Believe it or not she has adjusted incredibly well considering she woke up one morning living in one house and came home living in another.

You will also notice she is sleeping on a pillow. Her baby bedding came with the smallest pillow and she has slept on it forever, but we upgraded her just a couple days ago, and I didn't have any pink pillowcases so as I was unpacking I found this one :) Go Dawgs!!

In the midst of all the chaos the girls had swimming lessons... This is the Nugget ready to go :)

This is Sugar Mama learning how to dive.
*Side note: I have much better pictures and ones of the Nugget actually participating, however, I cannot find my memory stick duo so I can't upload from my camera yet*

Swimming lessons finally ended Friday and the girls had an awesome time. Sugar Mama is much more confident in the water so to me it was worth the money.

We also discovered this week how far away we are from everything... it takes up 30 minutes to get to the nearest highway and that simply boggles the mind. I've always lived minutes (single, never in the double digit) from the interstate and it's a little weird. The bright side: We are also not close to any fast food restaurants so we will be cooking all the time. We are sure to be millionaires by the end of the summer :)

Summary: We love it here. Sugar Mama and I established a love for Home Depot yesterday as we walked through and bought Weed and Feed (yeah I didn't know about it either), a spreader, caulk, and some other random items. Sugar Mama and I wanted to buy vegetable seeds and hydrangeas. We are excited to be getting a playground in the near future and to have a birthday party in just 2 weeks. Our family will finally get to see the house and we can't wait :) God is so good all the time...

Today I am Thankful for:

The Playroom: Right now my two children are upstairs playing in a room that holds all of their toys.. they are quiet, playing nicely and I have had enough time to take pictures for this blog, upload said pictures, insert said pictures, and type this whole blog without hearing "Mommy" one time :)

I got that out right before they came down stairs :)


  1. I thought that was Olivia sleeping, :O)! They look alike in that picture! I am so excited for you guys, can't wait until we get to that point...

  2. I like that blog it is too cute. I love how Sugamama wanted to help. They are growing up so fast. I think I was texting you when you wrote this blog :) LOL can't wait to see you Saturday!!!

  3. @Kelsey-they do look so much alike. People get them confused in pictures often :)
    @Hendricks Family: we were texting back and forth :) I figured there were some grandparents who needed fresh photos :)