Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Why So Anxious?...

I am so irritated and restless today. The only source I can blame are the unpredictable hormones that are increasing daily. I feel the need to be doing something while simultaneously attempting to enjoy the quiet... for in a matter of weeks we will not have an acquaintance with quiet for such a long time.

Sugar Mama, in a matter of days, will start kindergarten. Perhaps this is the source. Perhaps it is the need to prepare for a baby whose sex is still a mystery. Maybe it is the fact that my husband works at night while I should be resting comfortably beside him, and sleeps during the day when most people do without their spouses anyways..

I have vivid and reoccurring dreams... that my grandmother has come back.. in fact those are the words I use "You've come back"... I see her face, we talk, and she always lacks understanding of my shock in seeing her face. I acknowledge her and then she has to die again in the dream... it is so draining and heartbreaking to wake and realize she had never come back in the first place.. she's always been gone.

Coupled with a dream of having to take a final for a class that I have never attended. A professor continues to talk to me about assignments and my where abouts and for the life of me I cannot figure out how it is their business...

It's all very restless and irritating, huh?

Today I am Thankful for:

The ability to see her face: it's so rewarding to remember, because in the everyday I cannot, but if it could be understood that it's a dream, that would be most helpful :)

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Thing One, and Thing Two..

Thing One: My to do list for one day this week... I actually got it all done, but the problem: it was the one day this week that I felt human enough to do anything at all :)

Thing Two: This one isn't going so well...

We took a break from the to do list and did make-overs...

This was mine from Sugar Mama.. did you know that you can wear 4 head bands at one? :)

We're officially on day 2 of our potty training and we've had 2 accidents each day with no successful potties... I remember this being much easier with Sugar Mama, but maybe it seems easier because it was so long ago. I wouldn't push the issue if she didn't constantly take her diaper off as if it bothers her to wear one. But besides cleaning pee out of the floor (thank goodness for hardwoods) we also cannot go anywhere because we have to put her on the potty so often, and again, so far without success. We'll keep trying with our fingers crossed.

Today I am Thankful for:

The times I feel human again. It's been a rough first trimester and my magic switch didn't flip when it was over. It's hard to be sick and have a headache everyday with children who barely understand that a new baby is coming. I am so thankful for those moments that I like to think I won't take them for granted once I get back to normal :)

Monday, July 19, 2010

It's Coming to a Close...

Our Summer that is.. just a couple of weeks to go and then Sugar Mama starts her school career.. (boo hoo)

I plan to make up for the lack of pictures all in one post...

This weekend we joined our Local Electrical Union for their annual picnic @ Stone Mtn.

The view from the Laser Lawn..

We took the tram to the very top, and then rested a while :)

Stopped at the Candy store.. the Nugget's Unicorn Lollipop

Sugar Mama's Caramel Apple...


To celebrate my birthday the hubs and I took the girls to see Despicable Me...

Those were my milk duds :)

Chilling out with gummi bears..

After wards we took to Walmart to buy school supplies... this is what happens when you have such a busy weekend with no naps in between :)
Crazy Hair, bare midriff and passed out on the couch :)

Here are all of the school supplies we had to buy... well I bought some extra crayons/markers/colored pencils because they were so cheap :)


And last but certainly not least.. the back pack with attached lunch box. This was probably the hardest supply for me to purchase only because it was the one thing different from pre-k supply list and the one thing that signified that she was in fact going to start.. with or with out me :)
She told me today "she couldn't be little forever, she wanted to grow up, but that she would find out where I lived and come to visit me on the weekends.. who gave her permission to live somewhere other than with me? :)

It's been busy but I'm enjoying this last amount of time that she belongs solely to me...

Today I am Thankful for:

This one moment: When we pulled up to the movie theater, the Nugget was holding a chipmunk toy that came from a happy meal. She pulled the chipmunk up close to her face and said "munchkin, I so happy we come see a movie!!" it was literally the best moment of my day :)

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Time Flies...

When you're having fun...

This morning at 8:00 a.m. I checked on the Nugget, and found her sleeping soundly. At 8:13 a.m. I checked the monitor again and found her completely naked in her crib... again...

But first a little back story: I went to bed with a migraine last night because yesterday I had jury duty. After a riveting speech on how important and cool jury duty is (f.y.i. if you have to be told how cool something is.. it is completely not cool) and how they would not waste my time, they sat me in a room for 3 hours... only to call me into another room with 13 other people and ask me questions... straight through lunch. I was assured they would ask me if participating in jury duty was a hardship... they so didn't ask. It has just been the past 3 - 4 days that I have been able to eat anything and keep it, so the fact that I was hungry turned into a nagging headache almost immediately.... And I am not done.. I have to call everyday and see if I am to report the next day..

But I came home did things around the house, all the while waiting patiently for bedtime.

The headache had not subsided completely during sleep and when I approached the Nugget in her crib I realized she was naked because her diaper had poop in it, which was now all over her crib... disgusting to say the least, and tear inducing....

We cleaned her and the crib, put the sheets and various poop items on sanitize in the washing machine and prepared to register Sugar Mama for kindergarten (GASP)....

"This is so exciting" Sugar Mama exclaims as we sat in the front office filling out paperwork. And it is so exciting for her, but I cannot shake the feeling that with each passing day she is not my little girl anymore. I am a control freak and I want to know the ins and outs of a person who will be taking care of my child. It is so hard to let that go. I look at her and wonder will she be able to find her way to her classroom, or know how to get her lunch in the cafeteria? All things that I did just fine, but question because she is my little girl.. (sigh) I am so not prepared for this :)

She was even excited about her supply list. She is just like me. My favorite time of year behind Christmas is school supply shopping time. Crayons and Glue for .25 I buy that stuff even when we don't need it. When else can you get markers for $1?

Today I am Thankful for:

Her excitement: It could be worse. And I am so proud that she is independent enough to be brave and go to school when her grown mother cannot share in those feelings :)

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Big News for Lively Situation...

We are going to be: The Hubs and Me Plus 3 :)

These are my sweet girls holding their respective pictures of their new sibling. I could hardly get them to sit still they were so excited.

It is the reason I have been in short supply of blog information and/or pictures. I have been so incredibly sick some days I literally could not get out of bed. Sugar Mama has been worried and though, I really wanted to wait until we had cleared the entire 12 weeks, we went ahead and told her and the Nugget :)

I am looking forward to getting through the next week which will hopefully catapult me straight into the normal again :) I desire your prayers.. I have never made it past 36 weeks and I really want to make it to my due date!!! I would be beyond thrilled.

Today I am Thankful for:

The things that take us by surprise and then change our lives entirely :)

Thursday, July 8, 2010

A Day...

For drawing two sweet girls on the driveway...

For chasing bubbles...

And for finding shapes in the clouds.. she found an angry shark :)

Today I am Thankful for:


Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Just For Me...

Today I asked Sugar Mama to take her flip flops to her bedroom and put them in her closet. She did as I asked and as I was sitting next to her on the sofa she said "Mommy, I have something to show you"...

I didn't pay much attention to what it was until she came to me and burst into tears...

She had huge crocodile tears rolling down her cheeks and she said:

"Mommy I broke this and hid it under my bed."

Me: "How long have you had it under there?"

Sugar Mama: "For a couple of days"

I said "Why didn't you just bring it to me?"

Sugar Mama: "Because I thought you would be mad at me"...

Now we're both in tears...

I reassured her that I was not mad, in fact I found the magnet while moving and have not even thought enough about it to miss it. In fact it will take nothing for the hubs to glue the tiny magnet back on the butterfly. There are 2 things that struck me about this conversation.

1. How heartbreaking it was that she felt she had to hide this little insignificant magnet from me because she thought she would be in trouble...
2. That she had the courage and conviction to come to me and tell me even though she was afraid. She's far more brave than I am :)

She made my heart swell simply because at her very core she is so good.. I stand in awe today of the wonderful children God has given me.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

So Much..

There is so much to include in this post (no pictures sorry)

I had the best weekend. The Hubs and I had a date on Saturday. Sugar Mama thought this to be the weirdest concept at first. She said "Mama are you going on a date with daddy because you've never been on one before?" I laughed and thought "before you and nugget girl mommy and daddy had all kinds of dates :)" I explained to her that mommy and daddy need alone time because we love each other and one day (should her daddy and I decide she can have children :) she will ask us to come and watch her children so she can go on a date :) We had loads of fun and I had planned an entire post about how much I love him for the sacrifices he makes for us, but I got too busy. He had not slept since he woke up the day before to go to work and he planned the entire date and even set up the babysitter. I love the man more than words can say!

We had my entire family over for the 4th. We BB-Qed on the hubs' new grill, played in the yard with all the kiddos, and then set off mini-georgia okayed fireworks :) The kids loved the colors but they could have done without the noise :) I should have pictures, I know, but you know my memory card is still full (don't judge me), and if I focus on taking all the pictures I miss out on the fun. So I missed out on this one, which I will be upset about once I put photos into albums :)

Our week is going to be crazy since the hubs has to work crazy hours to make up for the one day he got off. I spend an extraordinary amount of time with my girls. Even today when we did nothing they sat in my lap whenever I was in a sitting position. I do not take that for granted. I smell their little kid smells, hugs those little arms, and steal sugars from those chubby cheeks and smiling lips. Simultaneously I wonder if the hubs ever wishes he could trade places. He works every day, sometimes literally every day (7 days a week) for weeks a time and does it at night when his body goes into a coping mechanism because it wasn't intended to function that way. He never complains, merely picks himself up and keeps on keeping on. I would give almost anything (be careful what you wish for :) to give him moments like those that I share with my girls everyday. I simply wonder what his brain is thinking... he very seldom talks about that aspect with me, but I wonder.

Summer is winding down and that makes me super sad. I called this morning to get information about registering Sugar Mama for kindergarten. It is a subject that I cannot think or speak about without having a little panic and lots of tears. (sigh) I asked her today if I could just keep her my little girl forever. She says "well I can be your big girl sometimes to help you out" and I said "But I want you to be 5 years old forever" She said.. "I can tell myself I'm 5 years old all day" .... growing up is hard to do.. did they mean for the person growing up for the person who birthed them and has to set them free?.. ha! never mind I'm pretty sure I know.

Today I am Thankful for:

So Much...

Friday, July 2, 2010

We're Lively...

Kelly's Korner is having another installment of Show Us Your Life... Show us What you Make..

I haven't made anything in about a month because of the move but here are some items I made before we moved...

Hair Bow with head band... If you order a hairbow the head band is free :)

I also made tutu and hair bow combos.. or pieces separately..

Here is the Georgia run :) Can you tell we're a Bulldog Family?

This is a photo board. It can be painted any color you wish and looks adorable in any child's room..

This is my first pacifier clip... Often I do things because people ask, before I know if I can :)

I also make pillowcase dresses. It's one of the things I have made most often :) This is one of my favorites :)

I haven't made anything recently because we've just moved and I've been spending a lot of time with my girls doing whatever we fancy :) I would like to get started again very soon.

I recently received a Yudu machine, which is an at home screen printer that is pretty amazing. It made great softball jerseys for out church's softball league :) I'll post pics of that soon.

Basically I am a jack of all trades and master of none.. well why would there be a need for 2 masters? The master is more than sufficient :)

You can check me out on Facebook @ Lively or email me @

I have several ideas of things I would like to do also but some learning time is necessary :)

Love to you all!!

I am thankful the Lord granted me the opportunity to use my idle hands for something constructive.