Monday, July 19, 2010

It's Coming to a Close...

Our Summer that is.. just a couple of weeks to go and then Sugar Mama starts her school career.. (boo hoo)

I plan to make up for the lack of pictures all in one post...

This weekend we joined our Local Electrical Union for their annual picnic @ Stone Mtn.

The view from the Laser Lawn..

We took the tram to the very top, and then rested a while :)

Stopped at the Candy store.. the Nugget's Unicorn Lollipop

Sugar Mama's Caramel Apple...


To celebrate my birthday the hubs and I took the girls to see Despicable Me...

Those were my milk duds :)

Chilling out with gummi bears..

After wards we took to Walmart to buy school supplies... this is what happens when you have such a busy weekend with no naps in between :)
Crazy Hair, bare midriff and passed out on the couch :)

Here are all of the school supplies we had to buy... well I bought some extra crayons/markers/colored pencils because they were so cheap :)


And last but certainly not least.. the back pack with attached lunch box. This was probably the hardest supply for me to purchase only because it was the one thing different from pre-k supply list and the one thing that signified that she was in fact going to start.. with or with out me :)
She told me today "she couldn't be little forever, she wanted to grow up, but that she would find out where I lived and come to visit me on the weekends.. who gave her permission to live somewhere other than with me? :)

It's been busy but I'm enjoying this last amount of time that she belongs solely to me...

Today I am Thankful for:

This one moment: When we pulled up to the movie theater, the Nugget was holding a chipmunk toy that came from a happy meal. She pulled the chipmunk up close to her face and said "munchkin, I so happy we come see a movie!!" it was literally the best moment of my day :)


  1. that's so cute! LOL. she'll find out where she lives and come visit. UGH. kids. why do they grow? i've asked Bekah if she will stay little forever and she always says "no silly, i want to be big like YOU!" and when i ask her if she is going to ever move away she says she's going to live with me forever. i asked her "what if your husband wants to live somewhere else, in your own place?" and she replied "well he can go live somewhere else and i will go see him!" LOL

  2. At least she wants to stay with you.. mine just want to grow up and move away :) Boooo to that!