Tuesday, July 6, 2010

So Much..

There is so much to include in this post (no pictures sorry)

I had the best weekend. The Hubs and I had a date on Saturday. Sugar Mama thought this to be the weirdest concept at first. She said "Mama are you going on a date with daddy because you've never been on one before?" I laughed and thought "before you and nugget girl mommy and daddy had all kinds of dates :)" I explained to her that mommy and daddy need alone time because we love each other and one day (should her daddy and I decide she can have children :) she will ask us to come and watch her children so she can go on a date :) We had loads of fun and I had planned an entire post about how much I love him for the sacrifices he makes for us, but I got too busy. He had not slept since he woke up the day before to go to work and he planned the entire date and even set up the babysitter. I love the man more than words can say!

We had my entire family over for the 4th. We BB-Qed on the hubs' new grill, played in the yard with all the kiddos, and then set off mini-georgia okayed fireworks :) The kids loved the colors but they could have done without the noise :) I should have pictures, I know, but you know my memory card is still full (don't judge me), and if I focus on taking all the pictures I miss out on the fun. So I missed out on this one, which I will be upset about once I put photos into albums :)

Our week is going to be crazy since the hubs has to work crazy hours to make up for the one day he got off. I spend an extraordinary amount of time with my girls. Even today when we did nothing they sat in my lap whenever I was in a sitting position. I do not take that for granted. I smell their little kid smells, hugs those little arms, and steal sugars from those chubby cheeks and smiling lips. Simultaneously I wonder if the hubs ever wishes he could trade places. He works every day, sometimes literally every day (7 days a week) for weeks a time and does it at night when his body goes into a coping mechanism because it wasn't intended to function that way. He never complains, merely picks himself up and keeps on keeping on. I would give almost anything (be careful what you wish for :) to give him moments like those that I share with my girls everyday. I simply wonder what his brain is thinking... he very seldom talks about that aspect with me, but I wonder.

Summer is winding down and that makes me super sad. I called this morning to get information about registering Sugar Mama for kindergarten. It is a subject that I cannot think or speak about without having a little panic and lots of tears. (sigh) I asked her today if I could just keep her my little girl forever. She says "well I can be your big girl sometimes to help you out" and I said "But I want you to be 5 years old forever" She said.. "I can tell myself I'm 5 years old all day" .... growing up is hard to do.. did they mean for the person growing up for the person who birthed them and has to set them free?.. ha! never mind I'm pretty sure I know.

Today I am Thankful for:

So Much...

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