Thursday, July 22, 2010

Thing One, and Thing Two..

Thing One: My to do list for one day this week... I actually got it all done, but the problem: it was the one day this week that I felt human enough to do anything at all :)

Thing Two: This one isn't going so well...

We took a break from the to do list and did make-overs...

This was mine from Sugar Mama.. did you know that you can wear 4 head bands at one? :)

We're officially on day 2 of our potty training and we've had 2 accidents each day with no successful potties... I remember this being much easier with Sugar Mama, but maybe it seems easier because it was so long ago. I wouldn't push the issue if she didn't constantly take her diaper off as if it bothers her to wear one. But besides cleaning pee out of the floor (thank goodness for hardwoods) we also cannot go anywhere because we have to put her on the potty so often, and again, so far without success. We'll keep trying with our fingers crossed.

Today I am Thankful for:

The times I feel human again. It's been a rough first trimester and my magic switch didn't flip when it was over. It's hard to be sick and have a headache everyday with children who barely understand that a new baby is coming. I am so thankful for those moments that I like to think I won't take them for granted once I get back to normal :)

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