Friday, August 6, 2010

Hello...hellooooo... helloooooo

Is there an echo? I'm feeling alone in this blogging world so:

Roll Call... Just say present!!

I haven't updated for a couple of reasons:
1. My memory card is still full... no judgement please :(
2. I am still recovering emotionally from sending my first born to kindergarten :(
3. I am preggo and have the energy to do nothing, nothing, nothing (there was an echo here too) There is nothing I won't neglect right now. In case you can't tell I am begging your pity :)

In all seriousness we are simply trying to adjust to our schedule. I require more sleep than the average person because I am currently growing a person :) and that is just a little hard because I must first put my munchkins in the bed. So as the week went on, and the adrenaline that carried us through the first few days wore off, we struggled. :)

But I have found the solution to all my problems:
Jesus, duh, but a smaller solution to a smaller problem:
A pregnancy pillow. Have you EVER used one of these? Three pregnancies later and it is the best investment I have ever made!! I got it second hand, sanitized it in the washer, and slept like a baby in a boppy in it today. That's what it looks like: a grown person boppy :)

Lastly, my Plemons lady, who is no longer a Plemons, had her baby boy this week. He is a doll, I expected no less, and he looks just like his mama :) I ask that you remember her and their family in your prayers, because having your first child is an experience that must be lived, before it can be understood. I hope she is getting lots of rest, she went through many, many hours of labor, and she deserves it :)

Today I am Thankful for:

The opportunity to sleep in the same bed, at the same time as my husband. It doesn't happen often, so I treasure the time that we are in the same room instead of swapping out :)


  1. OK so I've been reading just not commenting. I get in bad habits of that sometimes. I will say that your post about the first day of kindergarden almost made me cry. We have one more year and I am already dreading it. She goes to preschool everyday but for some reason I know I'm going to cry the first day of kindergarden. Glad you guys are adjusting to everything going on!

  2. For some reason kindergarten is totally different. Don't get me wrong, when I sent her to pre-k, I cried then too, but this had a different ring to it. It was her biggest step into growing up so far. I've struggled all week with it :( But I already see what she's learning and I have to remember that no matter how hard I try, I simply CANNOT keep her little forever. It's something me and God talk about daily :)