Thursday, August 19, 2010

This Is My Temporary Home...

I heard that today and it rang really true. It's all temporary... just a stopping place before we get where we're going.. I'm glad he made it to the place that rests just beyond the clouds.

Through this blog you have met my little Nugget girl. I have said before, well say it daily, she is all work all the time. She is always on the go, into things that she shouldn't be, and never listens... seriously!! :) I should have known by her personality alone that Lively Situation was destined to have a 3rd child... she is classic middle child :) Having said that this morning.. like many mornings before I reminded Nugget girl to not push her chair back from the table with her feet because she would topple the chair over.

Have you ever had a moment where you could see something happening and could not do a thing to stop it? I saw the moment 2 of the legs left the floor. I was making lunch for Sugar Mama, who was sitting in floor insisting I put her shoes on, when I saw it begin. I attempted to step over Sugar Mama and Dooley who decided to lie in the floor next to Sugar Mama, and simply didn't make it before the chair hit the floor. I snatched her from the chair and hugged her, checking her for injuries... none where to be found and that is simply By the Grace of God!!!! She missed meeting the corner of the wall with her head by centimeters.. My adrenaline was pumping.

As I was hugging her she said "Mama, I trouble?" I still don't know if she was asking if she was in trouble for doing the thing I told her not to, or simply stating the facts.. she is trouble :)

Couple all this excitement with a tired and pregnant mama.... whew.. it makes for a traumatic Thursday :)

Today I am Thankful for:

Knowing God is always there. My mind simply cannot or will not process, I am not sure which, the fact that my Uncle Scott is gone. I talk with God about the things that plague me about this and he lets me feel that he held his hand, made sure he wasn't alone, and sits with him now. I no longer have to worry... as always he took care of everything before I even realized there was a need. I miss my Uncle Scott... a lot... but I could not feel more peace about where he is now. His lungs work great, and he no longer carries the burdens of this world. If he had to go.. I'm glad it was there.


  1. Your #1 Fan!August 23, 2010

    i love you! <3

  2. Thank you I love you too!!

  3. Your #1 Fan !August 24, 2010

    That was me by the way! I just realized that it didn't have a name!
    ~!*Heather*!~ :) Lol. My bad! :)

  4. I knew you anyways :) <3!!