Monday, September 13, 2010

Big Day Tomorrow...

Today was a beautiful day that was neither Summer nor Fall. It was some where in the middle with blaring sunshine that warmed the face but didn't burn it, a breeze that blew right over your warm skin but never made you cool. There was not a cloud in the sky and the girls and I enjoyed a 2 hour play time this morning and another hour feeding the ducks down the street this afternoon. It made for a lot of eaten lunch and some very sleepy girls. Sugar Mama is on break this week and what a perfect week it has started out.

Tomorrow is the big day. We will hopefully find out the sex of baby number 3. I will refer to him/her as tater tot for now :) Sugar Mama is beyond excited, and the Nugget couldn't care less :) We are excited about this for obvious reasons but also because the hubs and I are hosting a gender party for our family and friends on Saturday. The hubs and I will find out the sex of baby number 3 tomorrow and the grand and great grand-parents will find out by chomping into a cupcake on Saturday. The inside of the cupcake will have frosting that will be dyed to match the sex of the baby. Everyone attending is also going to wear a shirt that reflects their prediction of the baby's sex :) My grandmother is so excited about this.. she just thought it was the neatest idea. But, I cannot take credit. I got the idea from a friend on I am hoping the baby reveals itself.. other wise that will be one sad gender reveal party.

This party is also the reason that we are painting/painted the girls playroom and bathroom respectively. I took before and after pics of the bathroom which is finished but the playroom needed to be taped off, and since I cannot paint with baby number 3, I did all of the taping. I just started pushing things to the middle of the room and forgot to take the before picture but once I have it set up once again I will post those pictures. I never posted the before pictures because I was fairly certain I had gotten the colors I needed.. and I was right!! The bathroom is so cute and Sugar Mama found a PERFECT color for the playroom :) It won't be finished until the end of the week, just in time for the party :)

Lastly, I started to ponder on some things I would like to do for this blog. I would like to start a Media Monday posts for everyone to share Media that they've come across that they would like to share. For instance we have/had a great band at my church that I wanted to post about. I've since learned that they don't sing together anymore, but it would have been nice to share their ministry with you. You don't have to share but I would like to see what types of music, books, groups you like to listen to. Thoughts???

What do YOU think baby number 3 will be?

Today I am Thankful for:

The little kicks of this tater tot. It is so nice to be reminded through the day that he/she is hanging out in there content with their surroundings. What a blessing.


  1. Your reveal party sounds like a lot of fun! My guess is a boy. What are the chances of 3 girls? But God knows what will fit in your family and He will give you that.

  2. I will post a blog about all the fun tomorrow and reveal to all of you what the new baby will be... of course I can tell you now that its: A Baby :)