Thursday, September 30, 2010

Day Four...

My Little Nugget Girl:

Today is Day four of potty training, day four of not having even one successful potty.

For the second day in a row you woke up dry. I was thrilled and placed you immediately on the potty where we sat for 20 + minutes. We read "Where is Baby's Belly Button" and "Where is Baby's Pumpkin" to exhaustion. I'm pretty sure you can read them alone now :) I even gave you your milk, while on the toilet, in the hopes that drinking it would trigger your already full bladder into finally relaxing and going in the toilet. To keep up our time spent on the potty, because I just knew you would go any second, we called daddy on the phone where you told him all about the books he knows you read on the toilet :)

You were off of the toilet, in a pull-up, for 10 minutes (while eating breakfast) before you peed in said pull-up.... it's driving me crazy.

You have been dry for the rest of the morning. You excitedly exclaim "I Dry" when you go to the potty, never using it. And you stayed dry until you were sitting at the table eating your lunch, when you peed in your 2nd pull-up of the day.. sigh..

You refuse to wear a diaper now.. "I want that one" you say while pointing to the cabinet that, you know, holds your pull-ups "Panties"...

I don't want to push you to do something you aren't ready to do, however, you repeatedly come to me and tell me that you have poops on and I figure if you can say it, then you can say it before it happens...

I want you to have time to adjust to being out of diapers so that when baby sister arrives you won't feel compelled to regress... Can I get your help on this one?

Today I am Thankful for:

A husband who works endlessly for me and our girls.

And for Sugar Mama who, after seeing the fabulous fannies, on a shoe commercial told me "Mommy you need to get you one of those".. Me: "A pair of those shoes?".. Sugar Mama: "No one of those tushes" :)

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