Thursday, September 2, 2010

Happy Holiday Weekend

I was going to include pictures of the two rooms I want your advice about, but the hubs took my memory card by accident so I'll post them tomorrow.

In about 2 weeks the hubs and I are hosting a gender reveal party for our friends and family for baby number 3. We will find out 4 days before the rest of them :) We are having everyone over, BBQing and then we will let my parents and grandmother cut into cake that will be dyed to reveal the sex of the baby. My nanny is so excited about this idea :)

Anyways 2 rooms that I would like to prepare are:
1. The girl's bathroom
2. The playroom
I would like to paint the girls bathroom a green color that matches a green in their shower curtain hangers. I am unsure if this color will clash with the brown polka dot shower curtain and pink rug...
The playroom is currently a mustard yellow color and I want it to be bright and fun. Sugar Mama says she wants it to be purple.. I think I'm on board as long as it's not neon purple or anything that's blinding :)

Do you have any suggestions? Any colors that you have used in a bathroom and/or playroom that has brightened up the room or made it look so much better? I will post the pictures tomorrow because taking them with my cell phone won't give you a clear idea of what the rooms are like.

Today I am Thankful for:

The upcoming holiday.. I got out of school early, and do not have to go back for an entire week :) Also thankful that the hubs has a job. God is good all the time.

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