Wednesday, September 29, 2010

In All Directions..

It's astounding to me to open my dashboard on blogger and be reminded that it's been over a week since I posted last. I have never been an every-dayer, but over a week is a long time.

Lively Situation is alive and well, just going in all directions. This little lady is doing things to my body that sucks the energy right out. I find myself exhausted... well beyond exhausted but that's the only word my brain can form :)

Here is a list of the running things in my mind-everyday:
Microorganisms and their lives from microbiology
All world history before 1600
How to determine a specific microorganism on a culture in laboratory
When was the last time I took the nugget to the potty?
Alphabet sound recognition
How to count objects to 30 and recognize those numbers
sight words
Is today dance and/or cheerleading?
Did I set the DVR to record Vampire Diaries, One Tree Hill and/or Grey's Anatomy?
Phonics Books
Progress Reports
Skill Rings
What is your phone number/Address/country/state, etc?
What bills are due, did I remember to pay that bill?
Carpool at a time when I would sell a kidney to take a much needed nap
When is the next time I can take a nap?
Bedtime is 8 o'clock, why are they constantly missing it? Oh yeah is it dance or cheerleading?
Did we read for Awana's this week?
Will we have enough time during the week to add the 3rd day of cheerleading practice?
Switching the Nugget to a toddler bed before she begins to resent baby 3 for taking her bed.
Effectively switching the nugget from her room to Sugar Mama's room which has too much furniture as it is.
What type of bed will Sugar Mama need in order for her and the Nugget to share a room?
17 weeks from now I need the nursery to be done... without the nugget it in.. will the nugget be upset?....

I promised myself I would include pictures of our finished bathroom and playroom, the gender party, new pictures of Sugar Mama and the Nugget, etc.

I am simply exhausted and unable to function some days. When I was sleep training the nugget I journaled every day because when she finally started to sleep through the night and we were friends again and/or when she asked later in life from being traumatized I wanted to give her and myself a one on one account of what I was feeling. I did it everyday for months and months. I thought about doing the same thing in her potty training. Well here that is.

Day Number 3: You refuse to use the potty. You also refuse to go back to wearing diapers, you instead, prefer pull ups. So I take you every hour. You pee in your pull up during the 20 minutes you sit at the breakfast table, or during the minutes you are not sitting on the toilet reading a book :) and when you are in your crib for nap time. a.k.a. as the safe times to pee and get away with it. But I learned my lesson, I can't clean pee up out of the floor 7 times a day... so here we are: Day number 3 and no success :/

Today I am thankful for:

The day I look back on this time and laugh. I will, I know because I've had others where the pressure threatened to over take and I was in over my head, but I wrote it down and looked back and thought wow, I'm so glad I came out on the other side... I'm looking forward to that day :)

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