Monday, September 20, 2010

Lively Situation Baby Number Three..

This post was supposed to include pictures but I am so pooped out right now I simply cannot search out my memory card to upload. This weekend was crazy busy with the gender reveal party and all the studying from the 2 tests I have this week :/

Sorry Grandma and Grandpa I will post the pictures in the next post (whenever that will be :)

We had lots of supporters for Team Blue/Boy with about 20 people and only about 5 - 6 people supporting Team Pink. A lot of our friends and family said they were just "hoping" for team blue :)

Drum Roll....

Baby Number 3 is...

A GIRL!!! That's how we do it here at the Lively Situation. We are team pink all the way :)

We have 2 girls with the cheering bug and if we can get this little girl on board we'll have our own squad :)

So Thankful for: Baby Number 3 being healthy and active in utero. I have been very healthy with no specialists or unnecessary appointments and that's a huge blessing :)

Love to you all!!

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