Thursday, October 28, 2010

My Husband Is a Genius..

I mean that with no hint of sarcasm :)

I've posted previously about the stress I have concerning preparing for this new baby.
1. I needed to move Nugget girl to a "big girl" toddler bed. (check)
2. Combine Sugar Mama and Nugget Girl's rooms... I had a hard time with this because I needed to find a twin or 2 twin beds. I was going to go with one twin bed for now since we just moved Nugget girl out of the crib, it didn't seem fair to move her straight into another bed. So last night we have conversation number 4, 286 about how we're going to do it, with enough time to let them adjust and still prepare for the baby.

Let me back up a little. I've noticed over the past week or so that Nugget girl must do and/or say anything that Sugar Mama does. For instance, last night Nugget girl saw me going into Sugar Mama's room. She thought we were letting her stay up. When going to bed she pitched a nasty fit, screaming and crying. It took me back to sleep training, her response was never like that, but it's what I felt like with the crying. Daddy went into save the day.
Nugget girl says "mommy all gone, take earrings".. about a month back she broke her earrings. I haven't found anymore yet because her ears are very sensitive and break out easily.
Sugar Mama started wearing different earrings this week... Nugget must wear new earrings also.

So back to conversation 4, 286.. the hubs said maybe we should just put them in the same room so Nugget understands Sugar Mama is going to sleep too. This sounded wonderful, but I still had not solved the bed issue.
The hubs says "Why don't we just keep Sugar Mama's bed as it is now, turn it like we would have the twin bed, and put Nugget's toddler bed in there too?"

Hello, almost college educated and it never occurred to me. DUH! So this morning as we were getting ready for school he moved the furniture around and the girls were thrilled.

Side Note: I love how it is, but their bedding does not match and it looks a little cluttered, this is not my favorite :) It's the OCD.. don't start to want to poke me with a stick when I've finally found a solution, I'm just letting you know when I show you pictures later, that more work has to be done :)

So I worried about how nap time would go and I project my worries onto my children. I thought Nugget girl would be thrown for a loop, turns out she adjusts much better than I do.
I put her in "their" room and she did great. Sugar Mama is already asking if they can share a bed. God is good, all the time. He always finds a way and shows us when it's time that works best for everyone.

I shouldn't worry so much, that's a given, but when I do God gave me a great husband that sees the trees through the forest.

Today I am Thankful for:

My husband: he is amazing, brilliant, generous, everything I should have wanted in a husband, and was to naive to want, but blessed enough to receive :)

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