Friday, October 8, 2010


I've decided to add all the pictures I've promised over the past few weeks in one post :)

The girl's bathroom finished :)

Gender Party: Team Pink

Team Blue

Mama J chomping in to find out...

Team Pink Won :)

Nugget girl all ready to go to dance class.

Proof of good parenting ;)

And last but not least... Putting Nugget girl into a big girl (toddler bed).

Saying goodbye to our crib. This made me cry really hard. I've been talking about moving her for a while so she's not resentful towards baby number three, but actually doing it made me very sad.

Moving our mattress...

Moving the Most Important: Puppy and Monkey...

Finally going to sleep. She begged to just go night night with Tinkerbell :)

Nugget girl you did beautifully. You were so tired and not feeling so well so you went and laid straight in the bed. We said your prayers and you asked me to turn the light out and went straight to sleep. Your being such a big girl, made me cry even more because I am so proud of what a big girl you really are. I love you so much!!

Today I am Thankful for:

More than I could post here, but to name a few.. that Nugget girl has been so wonderful with all the changes headed her way. Also having my family and not taking that for granted. If you read Kelly's Korner then you've heard of the family that lost both their twin babies and their wife/mom. Life is so hard sometimes, I am eternally grateful God stays with us always.

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