Monday, November 15, 2010

All In A Day..

There are some of you who read this blog who do not know me if real life. So you don't see all the crazy.. only the totally on point awesomeness that I display for you to see :) But to state the obvious I struggle everyday... not with a particular thing, but just knowing that I'm taking really good care of my children.. that I am preparing them for life adequately. So here are a few things I'd like to share about the past couple of days.

Sugar Mama is 5... this is her first year of school and we've had to make a lot of adjustments. I'm learning to deal with what it's like to have someone not be in love with my child, while admitting that she does have some flaws... mini, tiny, hard to see flaws, but they are there :) So in an effort to help her understand the responsibility of being 5 we've started our responsibility chart. There are a lot of things to choose from on this chart we've chosen 4.
1. This white rectangle represents: Get out of bed... Sugar Mama takes forever to get out of bed. With this she must get out of bed no more than 5 minutes after I know she's awake.
2. Get Dressed: This isn't complicated.. just put on the clothes I've set out for her.
3. Do Homework.. with no whining. She's great at homework, not so much at the no whining.
4. Take a bath.

So for every smiley face she receives one quarter... if she whines at all during the day she loses all of the quarters she's earned.. but if no whining and she completes she gets a whopping $5!!

Another life lesson: Give to God what is his, and save, save, save!! So we made jars. Not an original idea, but cute still. She does 10, 10, 80. 10% to both Tithes and Savings and 80% to her jar, which she can do whatever she wants with (with in reason :)

This past weekend we had cheer leading competition. This is Sugar Mama's favorite part. In fact half way through the regular season she gets frustrated with games, because she only wants to do competition :)

Riding in the Limo :)

They didn't even place... that's a story for a different post, but she was so gracious about it that we were proud of what a great sport she was :) Now the season is over, and we can prepare in earnest for this baby, which will hopefully arrive no sooner than 11 weeks from now (fingers crossed). Lots and Lots to do :)

Today I am Thankful for:

Stolen Moments from the weekend. It's so nice to be in the moment and realize that they are the moments that truly matter, the rest is just background noise :)

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