Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Moving into Fall..

It's November 2nd and it feels like the first day of fall finally. In fact we forgot our jackets for dance this morning and paid a chilly price :)

It's been really busy in our house the past 3 - 4 months. I feel like my days are measured by when I have to leave... as a result my poor girls are pooped out at the end of the day...

This weekend we went trick-or-treating, and here are the Nugget and Sugar Mama in their costumes...

The Nugget's Tinkerbell..

Sugar Mama's Tinkerbell...

And our entire trick-or-treating crew...
(L - R)
Nugget Girl, Lala (Alice), M & M (baby elephant), Bigi (Pirate), Jake (Werewolf), and Sugar Mama

Halloween would have been my Uncle Scott's 45th birthday. In honor we all sent him balloons. Happy Birthday Uncle Scott, you are missed!! I hope you enjoyed your balloons.
P.S. they stayed together until we couldn't see them anymore, and even formed an S... I promise.. :) It's was God's way of letting us know he got them :)

This was a sad weekend for our family. We missed Uncle Scott a lot and even went as an entire family to visit his grave. It was a hard trip to take.

If you are like me, when your children have a birthday you remember that day. Where you were, what happened, the moment your child entered the world. I wondered all day, but didn't have the courage to ask, if my nanny was remembering... and hurting because she did remember. I don't imagine the memories leave, perhaps fade with time, but still there whenever we choose to recall them. My heart hurts for her.

I've also heard it said that when people die they don't remember us here. They aren't looking down on us because there is no sorrow or hurt there... that's biblical.
But here is the deal, there are times when a hurt is so strong, a question so plaguing, the why just too much not to have answered that God gives me exactly what I need to quiet that storm. My uncle Scott might not know that we were hurting as we remembered him on Sunday, but I believe with all the spirit God has placed in me, that included in the comfort he sends in times of great sorrow he also gives our loved ones the little things they need too. He got those balloons, and he knows we love him, yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Today I am Thankful for:

My baby girls joy over sharing a room. It started out joyful, took a rather dramatic turn, and came back to peace over sharing the same room. They are so sweet as they pray together, lie down together, etc. and I am thankful God saw fit to make them so wonderful, and that he reminds me how wonderful he made them when they are driving me to the edge of my patience :)

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