Thursday, December 2, 2010

A Little Humility...

Today was the last day of the semester.  Only finals left and then I'm done (for a month)  :)

The Hubs and girls took me to school and went to our mall to ride the carousel.  Who should be making an appearance, but Santa himself :)
Last year the Nugget did not enjoy our visit with him, so I just assumed this year would not be different.. apparently she surprised everyone.

This is Sugar Mama trying to catch a glimpse of Santa from the Upper Level :)  The Hubs texted me this picture and it made me laugh out loud.

They both sat on his lap and told him what they wanted for Christmas: 
Sugar Mama: make up (sigh)
Nugget: a baby doll :)

On another note, I've mentioned before that I have had a rather hard time adjusting to Sugar Mama being in kindergarten.  Her teacher and I do not mesh well together and I've attempted to over come it, that gets harder by the day.  I feel as though I've written note, after note, just trying to understand her "notes".  For instance when I asked about her progress weeks ago at conference and what I could do to ensure Sugar Mama's success, I got "Do the things I send home for homework and her target skill and she will continue to do fine."  We do something everyday, and she does great with me at home.  This week I've been getting "having trouble completing work notes"... okay Is she running out of time,  having trouble understanding, or talking and not staying on task?!?  I need to know these things!!! She gets all S's on her progress report, and yet if she is having trouble, enough for her to tell me when she gets in the car, why are you not telling me what the problem is?  I have voiced the concern more than once that perhaps Sugar Mama is intimidated by her teacher and shuts down... because when she is with me she does fine... it has been the complete opposite for her five years of life :)  Her struggles make me feel like I've failed her, not adequately prepared her for school, but I see all of her progress and the things she's learned.. I stay confused.

Are you experiencing anything like this?  Or am I making excuses?

Today I am Thankful for: 

My family.. My girls have been so good for the past 2 days and my husband has made such an effort to make me rest and take breaks that I know I am so fortunate to have all of them.  I love them more than life itself!!

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