Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Meeting Somewhere In the Middle...

I've been meaning to share this picture with all of you for a couple of weeks now, but never got around to actually taking the picture until today.

Look at my laces... they are literally tied in the middle because I can barely get them that way let alone where they are meant to be :)  My stomach gets in the way.  Of course I will ask you to pay absolutely no attention to the fact that my calf runs straight into my foot, with no hint of a break for my ankles.. we call them cankles :)

I can still see my feet, well the top half anyways, but reaching them to put lotion on, shave them, tie my shoes, etc., is a serious ordeal.  And I still have over 6 weeks to go!!

I don't have a good belly picture... I mean I have some in my pajamas where it looks like I stuck a basketball under my shirt, but I'll save you and me the embarrassment.  So once I get one where I'm in my great maternity sweater and my hair looks fabulous I'll post it.  I just recently bought actual maternity clothes.  I made it to about 32 weeks before I could not wear regular clothes anymore... well without the mid-driff showing.  One of those shirts is my fabulous maternity sweater that will be showcasing a rather large belly as soon as possible. 

 I have gained about 15 pounds and surprisingly enough that has been all belly.  Mostly everything else has gotten smaller, or perhaps it's the optical illusion created by the enormous belly.  I passed my glucose test (yay) which was super.  I did not have diabetes with Sugar Mama, but did with the Nugget for about a week :)

Things I crave: Steak (Outback or Longhorn's), potatoes (the form does not matter, mashed, baked, whatev), cereal (the good kind, not the healthy kind :) and as with everything else in life: CHOCOLATE!!

We're getting down to the wire and that's scary/exciting!!  I have never been pregnant for longer than 36 weeks... I have a serious goal of making it to my due date, which has always been my goal, but I'm able to stick to it a  little better because it's so cold outside I'm not outside nesting, or shopping for nesting :)  I am however dilated a finger tip, a "little" effaced, and she is head down.  That could mean nothing, but for now I'm drinking tons of water and lying down as much as possible.  She's hanging in there :)

Today I am Thankful for: 

My therapeutic cries... I have those sometimes and as much as I feel like my plate is full, it is so cleansing to just let it all go.

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