Tuesday, December 14, 2010

To Walk In Someone Else's shoes...

Here is Nugget girl walking in Daddy's work boots :)

One of the greatest things about God's word is that, within, lies many parables that direct us in almost any situation in our lives.  Faced with uncertainty?  Faith the size of a grain of a mustard seed.  The grass seem greener on the other side? Look at the lost son.

It's even stated that we won't go through something that he hasn't been through already... 

As we walk through the bible.. we're walking in his shoes... but essentially it was he who walked through ours.. because what applied then, certainly applies now.

Have you ever been...

At McDonald's.. frustrated because your order is taking forever and when you finally get it, four days later, it's Wrong?!?  Consider that the girl who is taking your order has just found out she's pregnant.... she is afraid of losing the one job she could get in a terrible economy, one she wouldn't have considered months ago, but must have to survive.  She's training and is charged actual money from her paycheck, every time she has to make a correction on your order.

At a red light, behind a person who isn't doing anything near the speed limit... you are running late and need to get somewhere quickly, but can't get around this person?  Consider that the man who can't focus on the speed limit has just found out the love of his life has got months to live... if that.. her body will fail her, and he will watch her deteriorate and become a shell of the person he knows and loves.

Lastly, the woman who stands in line at the grocery store.  She is unfocused, her kids are screaming, and you are irritated at the lack of discipline.  Consider that she's stressed out because while her cart isn't close to full, she's unsure of how she will pay for what she does have... Christmas is around the corner, and she can barely afford to pay for the dinner her children will eat.

The shoes of the people around us don't necessarily fit us in reality, but in spirit and truth we wear the same size, all walking toward the same destination.  I hope during this season we are reminded that once there was a young girl, unmarried, and pregnant.  Matthew, Mark, Luke and John allow us to walk in her shoes... where she has no bed for her baby, is afraid of what will happen when her peers/community finds she is unwed and pregnant.... with the savior.  We walk with her as we find out that her son, her baby, the one she nurtured in her womb would fill shoes that defy this world.  We are never sure what others are going through, but we can be sure we all want the same things.

Today I am Thankful for: 

My shoes... I'm happy with where they have taken me, and continued to take me.  Also for the opportunity to take a peek into the journey of others, thank goodness we all have a road map!!