Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy 2012..

In a few short hours we will leave 2011 behind.. going straight into 2012.  

I say.. Good Riddance.  

This has not been my year.. for so many reasons but first I want to list the things I am thankful for in 2011:

1. My sweet butterball turkey.  She is so much fun, and such a complete mix of her sisters that she is constantly making me work and laugh simultaneously.  She has been a great addition to our family.

2. 7 years of marriage.  I've always heard of the seven year itch and we officially made it through it.  This has been the hardest year of our marriage so far.  Between his work schedule and having 3 kids to myself there were times I wondered where our lives were going.
We're moving to year 8 and I'm thankful for that.

3. Vacation time: We spent time with Grandma and Grandpa, I got to visit my brother at his graduation and we went to the most magical place on earth.  We normally don't get one.. I got three :)

4. My discipleship group.  It's important to have women you can talk to on a spiritual level and they are some of the best women I know; I love all of them.

For 2012: 

I want to live a different life.  I am complacent in a lot of areas and I'm hoping God sees fit to change that.  I want to make a great impact.  Love deeper and more freely, even if I'm tired and unsure if I have it left.  I want to give.. freely and abundantly.  I pray God gives me the direction for that giving.  I want to continue the 30 x 30.  I want to turn 30 and not feel as though the years are slipping by... I want to continue to show my 3 sweet girls that love, honesty, kindness is where it's at and God is where you can find it.  I want to spend more time in meditation, prayer, and studying.  

In short I wish you a Happy and Blessed New Year.  I hope you have had many wonderful things to be thankful for and that 2012 brings you many blessings and great happiness. 

Today I am Thankful for: 
The ability to see the old year go.. and recall the good/bad things that happened.. so I could rejoice and be thankful.  And a new year that rolls around.  God keeps our lives going forward and it's a blessing to see the next sunrise he provides.  

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Am I Normal?....

Do you do things that make you wonder if there are people out there who do the same things... like "Does insisting that the toilet paper roll go over make me normal?"

So here's my list of things that make me think: 

1. I never let my children wear the same pajamas twice.  The get up and get dressed and then I put their  jammies in the laundry room.  So every week I wash 21 pairs of pajamas.  I'm not sure why because I am clean when I go to bed so I'll wear my pajamas for a couple of days in a row.. but not my children.. is this normal?  Or is my child situation normal and my own not?

2. Sometimes, not very often so don't call the loony bin, but sometimes I get so sad that I cannot keep my children this small.  Just the other night as I was putting our sweet little Butterball turkey to bed, I was saying her prayers.  I love this time because she nuzzles her little face in my neck while we pray.  She is so small that she fits so well there and is just long enough for my torso.  In that moment I thought "Ugh, how has she grown up so much so quickly" and for about 2 hours it made me really sad...

3.  I save greeting cards.  From Birthdays, Anniversaries, Mother's Day, and I am not really sure why... but I do and always have.  

4. Every week I wash my laundry in the exact same order: All 3 girls because they require the most folding and hanging, then whites because that's where all of the under shirts (blah) and sock matching happens (blah blah), then our clothes because mostly they are hanging up and are easy to manage, and lastly towels - super easy to fold and put away.

5.  A lot of women around me are pregnant right now, and that makes me just a little bit envious.  I don't want to have another baby any time soon, or maybe ever, but I so miss that exciting fun part of having a baby.. finding out your pregnant, finding out what you're having, and actually having a baby.. just such a sweet time :)

6. I really must insist that the toilet paper go over :)

7.  Sometimes I get anxious that people are angry with me for no reason.  It's random but I do, and then I can't figure out why they are fake mad at me :/

8. I wish I had an English accent and spoke as properly as those who actually do.  I love proper grammar and constantly correct my children.  Even Nugget girl who cannot, in any way, be formed into submission <--- that's a 100% true story.

9. I love the movie teen witch.  Most of you are probably wondering what that movie is even about, BUT the leading ladies last name was... wait for it... Lively!! And in the movie she had a necklace that had magical powers.. when I was like 10 I wanted a necklace just like that.  I got a bubble necklace once, that's just a shoe string with a heart shaped plastic container that held bubbles.  I remember passing by a Chuckie Cheese and rubbing the necklace like I saw in Teen Witch and asking that my mom take us to Chuckie Cheese... obviously her necklace's powers were greater than mine.. <--- seriously a 100% true story. 

10. I am a little disturbed about turning 30.  I can't put my finger on it, but something about not being in my 20's is freaking me out.  When I was 19 I felt like such a grown up turning 20... now I feel like I'm slowly turning into that age that is "old" for teenagers.. How did this happen?  Am I normal?

So there you have it... just a few things that make me wonder if there are others of you out there thinking the same thing.. If you are great.. if you're normal and you're not.. well let's just keep that to your self shall we :)

Today I am Thankful for: 
The ability to be normal or not, and still be awesome :)

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Merry Christmas 2011

From Us to You, Wishing you a very Merry Christmas, Love, Lively Situation.

And may you remember, never forget, and experience, the true reason for the season.

Luke 2: 10 & 11

And the angel said unto them, Fear not: for, behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people.
For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord.  

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Pink Eye, Double Ear Infection, No School... Oh My!

On Saturday Nugget girl woke up with some sleep glued to her eye lashes.  No big deal... until we went to get our Christmas tree and I noticed that she was officially crying sleep from her eyes.  My eyes are watering now just thinking of it :/

I should have known it was coming.  All last week she was very sleepy, cranky, and stubborn.  The cranky/stubborn is normal but the sleepy not so much.  She is almost 4 and this is the first time she has ever really been sick.  But last week before dance this was what was happening in our car...

At first I thought she was reaching for something and then I realized she was not coming back up.  She was knocked out.  She later made a rather large scene at dance class :/ Red Flag number 2...

So we stayed at home all weekend and finally decorated for Christmas.  Our girls have had Christmas trees of their own since Sugar Mama was about 2.  They use all of the ornaments that do not go on the big tree.  Some have been in our family since I was kid, some they have made in school, and some were purchased just for their trees.  They love decorating their own trees because they can control how it looks and I get to look back at all of the ornaments from years past.  

Here is Butterball Turkey.  Doesn't it appear that while the two older girls were decorating their trees, she was reading quietly in her own room?  Yeah let's go with that :)  
Truth: She was tearing ornaments off, breaking some, eating others...
We'll call her Nugget Girl Junior :)

We're on day 3 of the quarantine and Nugget girl is miserable.  She literally has the worst pink eye I have ever seen and apparently has a double ear infection.  One hour, $40 later we had 3 types of meds to clear up this mess.  

Have you ever tried to give a 3 year old eye drops?  If not consider yourself lucky because you'll have to bring the big guns.

Today I am Thankful for: 
Sweet nuzzles from my sweet girl.  Nugget girl is miserable and only mommy's love can comfort her.  Secretly I love this!!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

In His Likeness...

This unfortunate soul, the one sporting the N*SYNC t-shirt with pride, is ME!!  This was so many years ago.. let's see I was a junior in high school, so that makes it... 13 years ago.  (sigh)

Oh, I was so skinny then.  I cheered, 6 days a week, 2 hours a day.. tumbled, conditioned a lot.  That was before I had a husband, or kids, or a glimpse into the real world.  I don't miss that time, but I sure do miss that number on the scale.

I look at those times and think if I could take ONE thing and bring it to the present the body I had then would so be it.

This is me now.  I've been married for almost 8 years, I've had 3 children in the past 6 years,  and I've stayed at home with all 3.  When I go to the doctor I am sad to admit that I have to answer no when they ask me if I exercise.  Well, until recently.. I've lost 6 pounds since I wrote the 30 x 30 list.  I struggle with self esteem issues with my weight EVERY DAY.  

Today I sat and listened to my pastor talk about looking in the mirror and recognizing that life was at it's happiest when the world depended, trusted in God for everything.  When our relationship with him was more than enough.  I, You, We were made in his image and when I focus on anything other than my relationship with him as he sees me, then I cheat my relationship with him.

This is not to say that when I wake up tomorrow I will be excited that I have not lost the baby weight from Sugar Mama.. or the weight I originally lost before Butterball Turkey was born.. but it did remind me that my life will be so much better, happier, more peaceful, less insecure when I remember that life is at it's best when I focus on him and look to him to pave the way for my self image.  

It's pretty special to be modeled after the savior of the world...

Today I am Thankful for: 

A true reflection.  I can look into the mirror and see what I want to see, good or bad.. but because of his gift I can also see his light shining and that's worth being thankful for.  

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Hiatus Over

Hi various peeps from around the world/country.

It's been a while.  If you read the last post you know, I needed some time.  A little time to gain some perspective, catch my breath, and make a new plan.  The new plan... not have one.  Just kidding.  I spoke to my advisor who told me that had I done just a little bit better on my nursing entrance test I would have gotten in.. I cannot decide if that hurts more, or makes me feel better.... the jury is still out.

Lively Situation and the girls have been staying busy, like always.  First up: Halloween!! 
I've read a lot of things lately that have asked whether Christians celebrate Halloween.  We do. My children dress up as non-scary characters and visit their neighbors for candy.... that's just how we roll..

So here is, from Left to Right: Jessie, My Little Pink Elephant, and Belle: 

We never really have trick-or-treaters because we live at the back of the neighborhood, but I always buy 5 bags of candy... :)

Next Sugar Mama had her cheerleading competition.  As a head coach this year, it was way more nerve racking that I remember from years past :) 

Here she is posing outside the stretch hummer limo the team rode in: 

All of the practice and stress paid off, because we are the Mighty Mite: 

That's right!! We took first place in our division :)  

Lastly here is the butterball turkey eating ravioli: 
What a mess!!

And in case you are asking yourself why there are no extra pictures of Nugget girl, allow me to leave you with this story.  

On a recent Sunday morning I was getting 2 of 3 girls ready for church when Sugar Mama ran into my room and had Nugget girl in a semi-head lock.. that's when I noticed that her hands were blue.  

In all seriousness that girl had gotten into some neon-blue food coloring and dyed her hands, legs, feet, and my laundry room floor.  I later found blue hand prints in the baby's room, on the walls in the laundry room, and on my micro-fiber chair.  

A moment of truth.  I put that little girl in the shower with me and I cried... cried and cried some more.  I said to her, which I am positive her hurt feelings WAY more than any time-out or spanking could have "Do you have any idea how upset mommy is?  (as I am crying) now I have to take you to church looking like a smurf!"  As I told the story people asked me if I took a picture... which I should have, but in the moment I was just too upset.  It would have made a great addition to this post :)

Today I am Thankful for: 

The Days: The days filled with fun, laughter, good friends and quality time spent on the couch with my family.  Days, just like today :)

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

There is no I in teeth...

It's true.. there is no I in teeth, unless of course you are talking about I-teeth :) Which is what sweetest smallest girl is cutting right now.  She is always so happy and fun, that the complete turn around of a new clingy, cranky baby worries me just a little.

No sleep for the past 3 nights mixed with crazy weather and it's a little bananas around here.

I have pictures to share from our visit to the farm, but I cannot get to them right now from holding this butterball turkey all the time.  But it was a wonderful trip where Nugget girl had a blast and I had a small sad moment where I remembered when she was just a baby tagging along on the field trips with Sugar Mama.  How does the time go so fast?

She is the same child who sees that a pack of candy has been opened by someone else, and decides, obviously that means she can have some, and eats a piece.  Or who thinks that the containers at target that sell candy by the pound means they allow samples.

The little girl who REFUSES to participate in yellow day, or dress like a farmer day, or please wear anything besides jeans and a t-shirt day... shopping and/or dressing her is frustrating.  She will only wear one pair of shoes, jeans and shirts with princesses, tinkerbell, or toy story characters on them...

But I. Love. That. Girl!!  She is hilarious.

Sugar Mama made me incredibly proud with her report card and teacher conference.  I see so much of myself in here that it makes me want to tweak her personality just a little.  She will love school for the learning and the socializing but will also take it at seriously as it can be taken with such a tender little heart.  She is spectacular.  

Our smallest girl?  Well besides those blasted teeth she is crawling now, and all in the same day started to give five, raise her hands when you reach to pick her up and pull-up... she's been clingy for the past couple of days but she's moving more and more.  3 more months and I'll be planning a first birthday.. talk about quick.

Today I am Thankful for: 

Everything else in life will keep, but my children will only be this small for a short time.  Thank you Lord for time to spend with them and watch them grow.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

When The Answer is No...

Have you ever prayed really hard for something?  I mean really hard.. so much that you were almost willing it to happen?

About 4 1/2 years ago I did just that.  My step-dad was diagnosed with Melanoma, and it has about a 5% chance of survival.  I prayed relentlessly because I could see, first hand, the destruction it was leaving in it's wake.  Mama J was tired, defeated, and hurting.  I wanted so badly for my step-dad to be in that 5% so they could walk away from that terrible disease.

God answered that prayer.. and not with a no, but with a not here.  I prayed for a healing, and in the end I got one.. he was just healed in the only true place for healings.. in God's presence. 

For the past 3 weeks I have been awaiting word on my application to the nursing program.

I submitted it back in September before we left for Disney and I had not heard word back as of last week.  I began to do a little researching on the internet to see if I could find any information, and I did.  Rejection letters had already gone out (and I didn't get one) and nursing school faculty would be calling to schedule interviews.

For 3 days I slap worried myself sick over my phone ringing.  I did not move without it within reaching distance.  Finally after feeling as though I would have to crawl out of my skin, I found out that the answer was no.

I have been working/praying for this for 3 1/2 years.  There have been moments (lots of them) when I wanted to throw my hands up and say ENOUGH!  But I kept going... and the answer was no.

I just barely did not make it into the top 70.

I was/am devastated.  This has been my goal, and now I sit here without a definitive one.

I tried to move on from that moment and regain my footing and quite frankly what I want to really do is crawl into a hole and be by myself for a while.  Just a little time to grieve this moment in my life, but nothing is ever that simple.

For several days now I've opened my eyes and wondered "Where do I go from here?"

The truth is I do not know.  In my bible study with women I absolutely adore I broke down.  Someone asked me about whether I had heard or not and once it started I couldn't stop it.  I am broken, lost, and standing still.

But the beauty of this story is that through one of the most humbling experiences of my life it was reaffirmed that I'm not the only one.  Everyone goes through seasons in life where they are sad, lost, and a little angry.  These women listened to me, from the most vulnerable place I possess, and gave me a piece of myself back.

See we pray for things and whether we acknowledge it or not, God always answers.  But sometimes the answer is no.  I cannot understand or explain why the answer was no.  I cannot even tell you that I now have a huge life changing goal in mind.  Exactly the opposite is true, in fact.  I stand in a place that I have never been before.

But perhaps that why I'm standing there.  I think I'm broken, lost and angry, because God is telling me just to stand still for a minute.  In my lost, vulnerable, very sad place, just stand still and listen to what he has to tell me.  For out of great sorrow, can come great joy.

I  have other options that I can explore, and after this period of standing still I will look into them all, but for now I'm going to take refuge in this place because I know he has something to tell me... I just have to stand still, wait and listen.

In the same way, the Spirit helps us in our weakness.  we do not now what we ought to pray for, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us with groans that words cannot express.  Romans 8:26

When I am so broken that I cannot pray, my Spirit prays from my heart with feelings that my words cannot express. 

Saturday, September 24, 2011

8 Months Old..

Sweet Butterball Turkey you are now 8 months old.

You weigh almost 18 pounds are over 2 feet tall :)

You wear a size 3 diaper, and just this week moved into 6 -9 month clothes. 

Awesome things you are doing: You clap your hands all the time, you could clap your feet before you could clap your hands.  You sit very well, and are rocking, just trying to crawl.  You feed yourself all the time, in fact you just fed yourself your first meal the other day.

You hate baby food, you ate this because you could feed yourself, but just tonight you had small bites of chicken, broccoli, pasta and sliced peaches.

You love to bounce, when you're supporting yourself on my lap you just go crazy bouncing... I'm wondering if it's because you just cannot wait to be on the go.

You are absolutely in love with your sisters.  You've started laughing hysterically at them lately, which in turn gives them the giggles.

Sugar Mama totes you around like a sack of potatoes, all. the. time.  We have to constantly ask her to stop picking you up.  Just the other day you were fussing and then you stopped.  I walked in your room and found this..

You were strangely comforted :)

Just today you and Nugget girl were having a ball as I cleaned our your closet..

You are so incredibly sweet and smiley all the time.  Unless of course you are hungry and/or tired in which you let out blood curdling screams that are sure to make the neighbors nervous.  

Today I am Thankful for: 

All 3 of you precious girls.  You say the sweetest things and just make my life so rich.  I love all 3 of you more than words can say!!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes...

Lively Situation has been on another adventure.  For the past week, we have been at the happiest place on earth: Disney World :)

We drove down with Mama J, and my Nanny and PawPaw on Sunday, visiting Hollywood Studios on Monday.  We were there for a short time, but saw the main parade, visited many characters including Winnie the Pooh, the Incredibles, and Pinocchio who danced his way around the building with Sugar Mama.  
We met a few Disney Junior characters also...

On Tuesday we visited the holy grail... the Magic Kingdom.

Met a few princesses...

What an experience as a parent.  Watching my children be so excited about meeting these people made me tear up.  There is magic there.. if for no other reason then people who visit bring it with them. 

Wednesday we had breakfast with Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Pluto, and Donald.  

Even our smallest girl got in on the action.  She could not have been more disinterested in the characters.  They would talk to her and she looked at them as if they were insane.  The magic is lost on her still :)

We also visited the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique to get princess make-overs courtesy of Mama J.  Nugget girl had an absolute meltdown.  The costume was too itchy and she didn't like the shoes.  So I opted out for her.  This place is magical, but also overly stimulating.  So only Sugar Mama emerged with a make-over. 

The lady working at our hotel asked for her autograph, which she signed as Belle, only she signed it Blel.. 

On Thursday we decided to scale it back some and relax.  We visited DownTown Disney for some eating and shopping.  My nanny got their faces painted... Notice Sugar Mama's hair still in place.  I'm not sure if its a tribute to all of the hair gel, or her cautious sleeping :)

We made it to the Magic Kingdom one hour before they were set to close for a private event.  But speaking of making dreams come true.  I just knew that if Nugget girl were to ever see Jessie from Toy Story in real life she just might pass out.  We'd met Woody and Buzz earlier at Hollywood studios, but imagine her reaction when the parade came through and Jessie was on the float.  Nugget girl was absolutely stunned when she came off the float to dance with the kids....

We had a pretty magical time while visiting Disney World, but we are exhausted.  We need a vacation from that vacation, but I'm pretty sure I said that when we came back from Vegas :) I cannot wait until we go again, to continue pin-trading and actually ride the rides.  Sugar mama rode the Tower of Terror with us and was frightened of the Twilight story line, not the actual ride :/

Today I am Thankful for: 

Timing: God's timing is always right.  I was nervous about things going on this trip and Butterball turkey was so good, and the trip went so well, I just know that our timing was right.  

Until Next Time...

Friday, September 9, 2011


This sweet face was sleeping on my throw pillows for my bed.  He is the best dog.  He is completely nervous and neurotic, but he never chews on anything and we can leave him in our house to mope around as needed without fear that we'll come home and find that's ripped up our floor or something equally crazy.  Love, Love, Love him.  

We had a bike-a-thon at school to raise money.. we raised $0 dollars :( I know it's so sad, but I've been studying to take my TEAS test and we've exhausted all of our fund raising options :) But she enjoyed it and that's all that matters ;)

After running errands today I noticed this butterball turkey was quiet, as was the husband.  I went to investigate and found them asleep, in the chair in her nursery.  She was in his arm pit and while I took his picture I won't post it... but it does look like Nugget girl in the last photo here.

After school, an all out pillow fight started and my chest hurt from laughing so hard.  My girls wrestling with the husband, who in his youth was convinced he was a professional wrestler, is the best entertainment...

Butterball Turkey (I've officially changed her name :) and I sat back and watched/took pictures.  The husband managed to wallop me a few times so excuse the hair..

And after all the excitement I walk back into my bedroom to find this...

Husband to the left, Sugar Mama to the right!! The epic battle wore out my warriors :)

Today I am Thankful for: 

My family being safe after hitting the deer that jumped in front of our car.  And for the giggles I have when I see Butterball Turkey wiping slobber all over Sugar Mama's face, while Sugar Mama screams "mama, she's throwing up on me!!"

Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Days Go By...

Here are a few pictures of my sweet girls that show some of the fun we've been up to for the past several weeks.  School's back in session but we here at Lively Situation have been busier than ever!!

Last Sunday we had to take a trip to Old Navy, on the way to cheerleading pictures, because both the husband and I took the Nugget's word when she said her flip flops were in the car.  They so, were not.

I had the best laugh because I look over, and she's in conversation with this mannequin.. like they are best friends and so I asked her if she wanted me to take their picture.  She did :)

 Of course Sugar Mama made a new friend also :)

Here we are at the doctor with the husband.  On Friday he told me he was going to the doctor.  I immediately looked outside to see if Jesus was coming back... he was not, and the husband did in fact go to the doctor... it went like this: 

Nurse: When is the last time you had blood work?
Husband: Birth? (seriously)
Nurse: the last time you had an eye exam?
(me: in the corner laughing)
Husband: No I remember this one... 8 years ago...
(me: Seriously?!? you are supposed to have one every year)
Nurse: Have you ever had a colonoscopy?
Husband: Seriously, seeing you today is the closest I have ever come to having any type of procedure...

So we took the picture as proof :)

And here is a paternal family trait.. her daddy has the exact same face when he sleeps sitting up, which is often in the car :)

And this little Butterball Turkey... she now has 2 teeth, eats more baby food, still not a lot, will eat better, but much prefers table food.  She is about to cut a top front tooth and is rocking/scooting trying to crawl on me.  She only sleeps in her bed when her daddy is home, the rest of the time she is playing me in to thinking that she'll be traumatized if she's not with me, which I'm just gullible enough to believe.  But man, when she sees me and only smiles like that for me.. it's totally worth it :)

Today I am so Thankful for: 

Spending time with my husband.  He has worked so hard and so often over the past several months that he has ulcers... so it is so nice to just sleep in the same bed as him.  Love that man!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Who ARE we?

I post a link to the video of me surprising my brother but I wanted to share a few things from that trip.

I didn't get to see him right away, I was, after all, crouched down behind a mini-van trying to re-calculate my surprise.  But after the screaming, hugging and tears were done I looked at him and barely recognized him.  First, I had never seen him look so healthy.  His skin was incredibly clear, his teeth sparkling (from no cigarettes and caffeine), and he had lost about 25 pounds.  But what struck me the most was that when I last saw him, just 10 weeks ago, he was my younger brother.  That day, he was a man.  Gone was the youth, replaced by a control and confidence I had never seen in him before.

I was so excited to see him and yet a little afraid and nervous over how to interact with this person I wasn't sure I knew.  I could tell from our phone conversations that he was in control.  His voice never wavered when I could barely make a clear thought over the tears and I could tell he was very proud and and sure of where his life was headed for the first time.  He knew that, finally, he had found what he was meant to do with his life.

What I also took for granted was the he would have a hard time interacting with us.  We had been warned that his entering the military would change him, it was inevitable.  So he recognized that we didn't know the new him either.  Coupled with the fact that he had literally been cut off from the world for 10 solid weeks, with no tv, no phone, no internet, and he was just as, if not more nervous, than us.  It finally made me understand why my stomach had been so upset for the 2 days leading up to, and even during the entire trip.

The hard part was watching him get back with this group and walk away.  It solidified that he had a world totally separate from the rest of us.  He knew, lived, experienced things that I never would.  And it took me back to a time when I was a child and so excited to see my dad who was on "leave" from the Marines... nothing beats the excitement of seeing them for the first time in months, or sometimes even years, but so closely behind that feeling is the dread that you know they have to leave again soon.  It was hard as a child with a dad I barely knew, it's agonizing as an adult with a brother who was once my best friend.

Thursday we watched him line back up, dying inside because they have a no hugging policy.
(I broke that policy... I don't care what the rules say, he was mine first)
And it hurt to see him march back with his new family.  
The rules of military and war are so different, I don't think those who benefit from them understand the cost.  
But as I learned at church this weekend.. a significant love will cost you something.  In order to love as God loved us, that he gave his life, when you have a true love that means something to you, something must be given.  If you look hard enough you will probably discover that the something you give is a little part of yourself.

Today I am Thankful for: 

All of the Mothers, Fathers, Grandmothers, Grandfathers, Sisters and Brothers who give a little piece of themselves when they send their family off to join the military.  And for the freedom that I take for granted far too often, because without that sacrifice who knows what kind of love we would have. 

P.S.  Who ARE we?  We figured out we're still us... just a little changed :)

Monday, August 22, 2011

Son Shining...

O, A, & K,

One day I hope you read this letter and it gives you a better understanding.  See, at least once in your life... only once if you are lucky, you will encounter someone who is ugly, rude, disrespectful, hateful, etc., to you.  If you are anything like your mama, and every single one of you are, it will bother you for a while.  You'll think on it and it just will not make any sense to you.

If I can pass on anything to the three of you I will say that while the Golden Rule is not always reciprocated, most often it's not, it's still the best way to go.  If you shine God's love to everyone, no matter how they treat you, you win.  If you walk away from the encounter and your human side says that you wish you could smack that smug grin off their face, remember that God deals with people his way in his time.  It's not for us to decide.  But you and how you react in that situation may be the one and only interaction that person has with God's Love, His people, his house.  

Keep him fresh, crisp, real, and prominent in your heart and life so that when those same ugly nasty people come across you they'll wonder why their misery is still lonely and you walked away with a smile in your heart.  It will be hard, you'll still want your just due, but you'll be better for shining God's love.  

Mommy 8-22-11

P.S. That does not in any way mean that you shouldn't stand up for yourself also.  There is a way to put a nasty person in their place while keeping your Christianity.. see me later for those details ;)

Saturday, August 13, 2011

One I will Remember for the Rest Of My Life...

The moment came for me to do the surprising... and he was very surprised.  I will remember this moment for the rest of my life...

I hope you'll pass it along because then I could check off Number 23.

Today I am Thankful for: 

This opportunity... I may never get it again and it felt good :)

Sunday, August 7, 2011

This IS My Witness...

I sat in church this morning by myself.  The husband is back to working a crazy schedule, honestly the chaos of his work seems to be the norm, so the change will be when he's home on the weekends.  Now sitting in service usually makes me feel awkward, but since we were starting our regular schedule I didn't give it a whole lot of thought because I was more worried about the big moves for our girls in church school.

Sugar Mama moved from preschool to the school age children and Nugget girl was able to visit the puppet show for the very first time.

So sitting in service I listened to our church band lead worship songs that included David Crowder Band "Oh How He Loves Us" and I realized that while I might have entered feeling awkward, God left that at the door for me.  I was by myself, without my husband, but I was so filled with the spirit and an open hearted worship, I barely noticed.  It was very strong for me today and I needed it.

My pastor preached on the Bible and how it should act as our compass.  It is the concrete guide in a world that relies too heavily on objective feelings.  At the end of the day it doesn't matter what we feel, or what happened to us years ago, but whether or not he lives in us right now. 

I worry that I don't preach my gospel enough.  That there is not fruit from him living in me right now.  I don't interact with a ton of people but when I do, I try to shine God's love to let people know that while they don't know me, something is different... perhaps they'll wonder what that difference is.  I don't argue with people who don't believe because honestly: 
The energy spent arguing, disbelieving, and confronting is a great deal spent on something you are so positive doesn't exist.  If God weren't real those people wouldn't need to spend so much time and energy arguing against him.

But today I realized that this is my witness... here is where I share through my everyday life and can let other people know what's in my heart.  I love Jesus.  Not because of the blessings he gives, although I'm grateful, but because he first loved me.  Because he saw fit to give his life, even if was just me who would have believed, he still would have done it.  I go to my church, not because it is the only place that God lives, but because it is a place to be encouraged, to feel a community of spirit and to learn/remember that my compass is always there to guide me when I'm lost, or anxious to go to a new place.

I trust God with my eternity... a time so expansive that the human mind cannot comprehend it, so I can and will trust him with my everyday.  

Also... These are my witness... my investment in their lives, including taking them to church by myself even when it feels a little awkward, opens a conversation about my relationship with God.

Preschool Open House :)

Sitting Up all by herself :)

This child refuses to eat anything but fruit!! I ran out and so I let her try an orange slice.  She loved them... 

Today I am Thankful for: 

A place to witness.  And People to witness to :)