Friday, January 7, 2011


I am at a point in this pregnancy where I am going to the doctor every week.  For a short time, and due to blood pressure issues, I was going twice a week, but that has since slacked off :) Thank goodness too because I'm officially off of bed rest!!!!

I've had a couple of new experiences: 
1. I am officially pregnant the longest I have ever been pregnant.  I have never made it past 36 weeks and 3 days (both girls were born @ this time), but Sunday will make 37 weeks.  I feel confident about my ability to hold because at 36 weeks and 2 days I was still holding at 1 cm.  With both my girls I walked into deliver at 36 weeks 3 days @ 5 cm.  So my odds of making it to the end, and having this baby come home with me as opposed to spending a week in the NICU is looking very good.

2. False Labor: How irritating is this phenomenon?  Especially when it's in your back?  I was convinced on Monday that I'd be having this baby, but alas no, and what did I get for my trouble?  Not even additional dilation.... But as I've been informed recently the last 4 weeks are the hardest.. again, never experienced them so I'm learning as I go :)

But just to make sure, I had a recent check-up, the best money can buy!!
Dr. Nugget and Surgeon Sugar Mama looked me over nicely.  It was free, and even included a dental exam!!

A blood pressure check because Sugar Mama insisted (she knows it's been high :)

I was given a clean bill of health and awarded no cavities!! 

I must admit my lack of cervical progress was a little baffling at first.  I'm nervous this means that labor will be longer and harder, and given that I have never experienced having a baby that wasn't born at 36 weeks, I am also nervous about the size.  Of course it is an estimate, but my doctor informed me that on Tuesday of this week he thought she would weight 7lbs. 2 oz ... I had another appointment today and I've gained another pound... just since Tuesday... I'm going to add it on to the baby total, reluctantly of course :) Is it true the baby gains 1/2 to 1 lb. per week the last 4 weeks?

I asked my doctor, since I go with out pain meds, if it would be harder with an extra pound or two.. his response: "Well obviously it's harder to push out an 8lb baby than it is a 6lb one".. Not that encouraging :)  But I'm going to listen to my friend Amy who told me that she's heard the exact opposite... Yep, let's go with that one :)

For now he wants to see what I'm going to do on my own, checking me again next Friday, and then decide if induction is necessary.  I'm no longer convinced that I'm going on my own, but she will show up when God determines it's time to see her sweet little face.

Today I am Thankful for: 

This additional time... I would be lying if I said to you that I am beyond ready to deliver this baby.. the opposite is true because the Nugget's delivery was so much harder, and much more painful, and it's fresh in my mind.  So I am thankful for development purposes and so that I can spend more time praying for the strength I am going to need!!

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