Sunday, January 2, 2011

Last Year's Old News...

I know you have all come to Lively Situation dying to know what resolutions I hold for 2011... :)

Well ... 

Let's start with the one's most resolved... (is that how you say that?) anyhoo...

Get Organized... this one isn't on my list because as I've mentioned before I have MAJOR O.C.D. and therefore become a crazy person with any type of non, un, disorganization.  In fact the Hubs just finished putting away all of our Christmas decorations, and while I love this holiday more than any other time of year, my obsessiveness and nesting ushered it right on out of my house :)

Lose weight... normally, probably.  But since I am 36 weeks pregnant, and about to (hopefully) nurse a new baby there will be no calorie counting for me. :))))) lots of smiles

Stop Smoking.... negative

I have better ones: Let's try
Turning our socks right side out so the proper side gets washed
Waking up happy, versus fighting with each other over DSi and Mobigo
More uses of the word Swell, Splendid, etc.

I joke.. because honestly I don't have any resolutions for 2011.  My hopes for the year have gotten off to a splendid start :) My baby girl is still in utero, and if I make it to Thursday, the number will make me officially pregnant for the longest period of time.  I am so thankful for the prayers that went up about bed rest/blood pressure issues.  I had not even thought about praying for those things because the other two pregnancies have been so high-risk and scary, these little things seem so ordinary :) But some one must have been praying because my blood pressure is better and basically my doctor is going to just leave me alone.  It will be the first time that's every happened too :)

I also don't want to wait until December 31st/ January 1st to make a change if I feel one is needed.  I do not begrudge resolutions, they just aren't for me.  If you have made good ones I pray you are more successful that you could have hoped for.

Probably the ONE thing that I will focus on in 2011 is ridding my life of situations that drain me emotionally.  I have interactions with people who simply drain the life right out of me and I don't address them enough because I am not a confrontational person.  However, I do resolve to focus more on the awesome people who support me always, and to rid myself of the negative.  I feel the statement "God puts people in your life for a reason, and some for only a season" speaks volumes in this situation.

Most importantly I pray that one of your resolutions, if you don't already have one, is to gain a relationship with God.  I hope you meet my Savior and spend time getting to know his grace/mercy/love/promises...

Today I am Thankful for: 

Another year... May this year be as wonderful and blessed as the old one for us all.

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