Tuesday, January 25, 2011

One Week Old... Already...

I can hardly believe it's already been one week.  This time last week we were enjoying our newest addition while trying to keep our eyes open :)

Over the past few days we have learned how difficult it is adding a fifth person to our mix.  I've thought the entire time "oh it's just another person, no big deal"... my oh my :)

These are her eyes, which we have rarely seen.  They are blue just like her older sisters, despite the fact that the hubs and I have brown eyes, we have popped out 3 beautiful blue-eyed girls :)

I love this one simply because she lying on her hands all snuggled up :)

We're all exhausted from the change in schedule... can you tell? :)

This cracks me up... Sugar Mama put her make-up on and came out to show me and asked me to take a picture, about that time a good friend of mine showed up with dinner for our family (so incredibly sweet) and Dooley freaked out... this was Sugar Mama's face :)

We are working on getting used to having an extra person to count when we do the constant head count :)  As I was coming home from dance with the Nugget, I had a moment of panic because I thought I had forgotten the baby.  No worries, she was tucked safely in her car seat just behind me :)

She is a doll and the girls love her so much, asking about her every morning as they get up and begging to hold her constantly through the day :)  I simply wouldn't have it any other way!!

Today I am Thankful for: 

I am so blessed to live in a home with so much love.  It has hit me, like a mac truck, that I love the people who live in this house so much and cannot imagine or remember what life was like before they entered it.  I am simply unworthy of the blessings God has given me!!

P.S. One thing I had forgotten I love so much are the baby sugars.  You know how you kiss a baby's cheek to see if they are hungry?  If they are they will turn their head towards you and try to eat your face?  I love these baby sugars and have missed them so much!!


  1. Okay so I just wrote this way long comment and then it got deleted. UGH! So now I will try to remember what all I said.

    First, of all go easy on yourself. You just had a baby and it sounds like you are doing it a lot of it on your own. You are going to be hormonal at times. That being said, I was one who suffered greatly from post partum with Jayci and it was terrible. So I say this give yourself and your body some time to maybe get back to a level state and then reevaluate. However, if you find yourself crying more than not you may want to call your doctor. You have a lot going on, plus you are breast feeding so it's no wonder your hormones are crazy right now.

    As far as your girls getting bigger. We all know that this will happen but when the time comes we are like where did all that time go? You also just brought this tiny new baby home which makes your big girls look that much bigger and more grown up. Try to enjoy this time with them, live in the moments and make memories. Just think of all the memories you are making now and all the exciting things that are to come!

    I am sure it is hard and it is a big adjustment for your family. I will be praying for things to calm themselves for you soon. Also, I know it is hard with 3 kids but remember to take time for yourself and time for just you and your hubby.

    If you ever want to talk about the post partum stuff feel free to e-mail me (my address is on my blog). An advantage to that would be that I can't really see if you are crying or not. ;)

  2. Thank you so much Kristen!! Everything you said makes perfect sense, sometimes it just helps hearing it from some one else :)