Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Putting it in Plaster...

I have always wanted to do maternity photos and a belly cast.  The problem has always been that I have not been pregnant long enough.  Right when I get the itch to complete the project I go into labor and the belly I want so badly to preserve is jelly.

So this time I got smart and did it early!!  It was also a good way for Sugar Mama and the Nugget to help me prepare for the baby, which is always a good thing when introducing a sibling :)

Funny story, I did take a picture of actually making the belly cast for my own personal photos but would never post it here because you must do it in your birthday suit... that suit stays in the closet (at the moment I have it steaming to get all the wrinkles out) :) Also for me, it was unusually funny to see it head on as opposed to from the top.  It was a tad shocking to see how large it really was :)

We painted it together in between letting our letters dry...

This is not the best picture because it's a little dark, but I absolutely love how they turned out.  It took a lot longer than I thought, which is why we had two projects running at once :)

And lastly, our finished piece of plaster belly cast: 

Ta-dah!!! I had the bright idea that I wanted Sugar Mama and the Nugget's hand prints to be on the belly cast, but for that to happen they had to put their hands on until the plaster dried... um not my nugget girl :) so I decided to paint them on instead.  

Her name will be: 

Kinley James 

Kinley means: Dweller in the King's Meadow
and James for her daddy, who I know she will love more than life, just like the two before her!!

These were our weekend projects and hanging them made some much needed final touches to our nursery, I am very excited to be done with it.  I would still love to get maternity photos, if only to put one or two in her room framed, but tomorrow is my last "vacation" day before school starts back for both myself and Sugar Mama, basically before life goes back to normal.  I don't know that I will find time, but at least I have the belly cast!!  And I am so in love with this belly I cannot even tell you.  To me, it is my best belly yet :)

Today I am Thankful for: 

HP: a high school lady who left a comment a while ago about a post I made.  She let me know then as she always has in the past, most recently the other night when I simply thought about it, that we're not alone in the things that we fear.  But to defeat that fear, you simply bring it into the light, for in the light is where you find that you were never, and will never be alone.


  1. ~!* Heather *!~January 05, 2011

    OMG! I read that and was like "That is So TRUE!" And then it dawned on me who you were actually talking about. Haha. I'm a retard!
    But it is so true! And I actually needed to re-hear that right now. Asking for your prayers, as ya'll are always in ours!

    We love and miss ya'll so dearly!


  2. Absolutely on the prayers, this is a hard time of year.. at least for me it is. We love and miss all of you too!!

  3. P.S. I LOVE the name letters! :) Too cute!!! If i knew where to puth them i would pay you to do me some! :) haha. :)