Thursday, January 20, 2011

While It's Still FRESH in My Mind...

This post will be absolutely boring for anyone but me.  But one thing that I love about having babies is the ability to recall, later, exactly what happened the day they were born.  So for baby girl number 3, I am going to type it here so I can have it fresh in my mind down the road :)

Labor for me started Monday night about 7 p.m.  I had previously mentioned here that "false labor" is an annoying phenomenon and so quite frankly I did not give it any credence what-so-ever.  The contractions were not regular, another reason I didn't give it a lot of thought.  Around 10 p.m. I noticed that they were in fact getting regular and they were "uncomfortable", not really painful, just enough tightness to give me pause.

I did everything I could think of to ensure that they were real... drinking LOTS of water, lying on my left side, getting in a warm bath, etc.  Instead of trying to look at a clock to time the contractions, I broke out a stop watch and timed the length in between.  At 11 p.m. the hubs called to check and I had been regular, 5 minutes apart, for 1 hour.  He insisted I call the doctor.  I respectively declined :)  I told him I thought we should just wait it out until the morning, he insisted... so I did.

I did everything in the conversation with my Ob/Gyn to convince him that this was not in fact real labor and he would probably send me home.. he said "Well it doesn't sound real, but let's go ahead and bring you in because it could go quickly", "Wait for your husband to get home and I'll see you in a bit"... (sigh)  I got immediately on the phone with my dad, who was a huge life saver in a pinch by coming over to sit with the girls and got ready to go to the hospital.

We left around 1:20 a.m. on Tuesday morning, still having contractions about 4 minutes apart.  I registered for the hospital, because I had not done this, thinking I had 2 more weeks :) And walked up to labor and delivery.  Once checked in and changed into the crazy sexy hospital gown I settled in to figure out what they were going to do.  At this point I have been up for almost a solid 24 hours.  I woke up on my own at 6:30 a.m. on Monday and never went back to sleep because I was in labor.  

My nurse came in, checked my contractions, and then my cervix.  At my last doctors appointment I was 1 1/2 cm, initial examination shows I'm a 4!! I was very excited about the progress :) Just 2 hours later at about 5 a.m. there has not been a significant change still 4 - 5 and I had to wait until 7:20 to find out he was going to keep me, letting me labor until about 8 a.m. when he would come up and break my water.  I started to cry :)  Ha!! Going in I wasn't sure if I was more afraid that he would send me home or keep me.  Keeping me meant that having to deliver this baby, which I feared with all my heart, was finally going to happen :)

My nerves were shot because I could only think of the Nugget's traumatic delivery, and I had to exercise great control not to lose it :)  At 8 a.m. sharp he came in and broke my water... which did not kick it into gear like it should have.  So... about 9:30 a.m. I started pitocin.  An increase of 2 every hour.  At this point I have been up for 27 hours, in labor for 9 1/2 hours.  The gradual increase had it's desired effect... my contractions became much closer together and much stronger.  By 11:50 a.m. I had not made enough progress for me.  I called my nurse in and asked her to check me again so I could make a decision about pain medication... "You are a solid 5"... I was only half way through, so tired, and the pain was unbelievable!!!

I asked for pain medication... while sobbing.  I have never had a good experience with an epidural.  With Sugar Mama it didn't work but left me with chronic back pain, and I didn't even get it with the Nugget.  I begged for it this time.  She gave me an I.V. shot and hooked me up to the necessary fluids I would need to receive the epidural.  It was the most agonizing 30 minutes of my life.  I cannot explain why it was so much different but it simply was.  I was so sleepy from the medication in between contractions, but during I was in an insane amount of pain.  In walked my anesthesiologists.  Praise the Lord!!

I cannot tell you how long it took... only that, at 12:30 my nurse came in to get prepared.  After about 20 minutes I was attempted to scrape the skin of my husbands face and head as I was sure that I was about to deliver.  I was sitting straight up and the pressure/pain had me literally saying out loud "Oh my God, someone please help me".... I asked to lie down and they let me, during which things happened: 
1. I silently prayed that this not happen again even though I knew it was and 
2. I informed them that it was time.. she was coming...

Sure enough she checked me and I was 10.  I went from 5 cm to 10 cm in less than 20 minutes.  My nurse said "It's time to deliver" and I said "Not again".

Side Note: God Bless my husband who is simply amazing!! I caused him great physical pain and he never complained, not even once :)

I was fortunate enough to get a shot of medicine in my I.V. before having to push, which helped numb me enough to know that I wasn't going to die :)  I stayed there for what seemed like forever, turns out, it was closer to about 10 minutes.  My doctor walked in and got ready to deliver my sweet baby girl.
3 pushes
A constant conversation of "Man this baby is really big", "She has never delivered a baby this big" and then 
I reached down and delivered my 3rd child :)
8 lbs. 9 oz. 
Just over 14 hours later
I was done :)

I cannot consider this delivery natural because I did have the epidural.. it was too late, but the medicine he put in my I.V. numbed me enough during delivery to not even scream, and after wards I couldn't feel my feet for several hours :) Part of me was disappointed in myself, but honestly the extra 2 lbs. did matter and I needed something to help me.  I made it through and delivered my biggest baby ever.  Go Me!!

I am so thankful it's done :)

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