Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Winter Storm Number One 2011

Because we live in the south, and simply never experience it, we are grossly under prepared for snow days.  Grocery stores were practically cleaned out of "essentials" i.e. milk and bread and for those actually stocking up on groceries, lines were insanely long.  

We were prepared on that front, but the thing we lack is proper clothing to play in the snow :)  Both of our girls were wearing: 
a long sleeve shirt
a lined hoodie
a frost free vest
plastic bags over their socks and shoes
with a pair of daddy's socks over their shoes to keep them dry (no rain boots)
hats and gloves...

As usual I took for granted the severity of the storm.  The always say we're getting all this snow and turns out we get a little dust.  Boy was I wrong.  Around 8:00 Sunday night the freezing rain started, by 8:30 as the girls were getting in the bed, our lawn was covered.  We discovered the next morning, as they went to run out and play, that the snow was hard, covered by a layer of ice.  We still played but it wasn't easy :)

We built little mini-snowmen

Made Snow Angels.. sort of :)

And even had our first experience sledding.. I didn't get to go but it sure looked like a lot of fun!!

This is the smile of pure joy!!

Dooley even got in on the action, hanging with the Hubs and girls!!

Please excuse the large red basketball we will call our daughter in a matter of weeks.  I simply couldn't find anything to fit, this was haphazardly thrown together :)

This is our house covered in snow/ice... I took a picture before the beauty was destroyed by our foot prints :)

They had the best time and were positively frozen by the time we came in about 2 hours later.  They are as surprised by snow as we are because we simply don't get it often.  We've had an additional 2 days off of school (which we may have to make up later) and been snowed in the house for 2 days now.. Nugget girl asked me where we were going today.. they are as ready as I am to get out of the house :)

My nanny called me yesterday to tell me that this week wouldn't be good for the baby to come.  This made me laugh, and I assured her I would pass along the message :) 

Today I am Thankful for: 

Snow Days: The Hubs has been at home for the past 2 days and this is always so wonderful for me.  Especially since these last four weeks have proven to actually be the most difficult and I'm able to do less and less.  He had to work straight through the weekend, and these 2 days will all but ensure that he has to work through this weekend too.  I'm thankful he's been here for this time :)

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  1. LOVE the pictures! I may edit some and send them too you! :)