Thursday, March 17, 2011

8 weeks.... Two Months...

So our smallest girl will be 2 months tomorrow and it seems as though time is just flying by.  I felt my pregnancy go just as quickly so you would think I would be used to waking up and realizing 4 days has passed in a blur, but still not there yet.  The good part is that my body has finally adapted to the interrupted sleep.  Don't get me wrong I'm still tired, but I can actually get out of bed with out thinking solely of the next time I can be in it. :)

Have you heard?  Kelly had her sweet baby girl yesterday!! Go over to and check out her sweet girl and that head full of hair.

Things are getting a little better on this home front.  I read that last blog to my hubs and asked him what he thought.. he felt the same way as me... simply that we needed to find a better outlet and fit for the things I was feeling.  I still haven't filled my rx, but that's not because I'm afraid, honestly it's because I have to be the one to take it and taking all 3 of my children for such a short trip seems like such a chore... so I'll get it the near future.  In the mean time I'm able to see a slight change... in fact it's been days since I've cried, which is huge.  I have made a very conscience effort to be extremely patient with my children.  You are probably thinking that's a no brainer, but it has been an exercise of great restraint on my part because irrational mood swings is yet another part of this PPD.

So onward we go...

This is smallest sweetest girl sleeping yesterday.. she was so sweet all snuggled up.  

On exciting news, I haven't mentioned that the twin is pregnant with her second child.  We've just found out that it's a Boy.  We will finally add some testosterone to this family!!

I hope everyone has a wonderfully green St. Patrick's Day.  Sugar Mama and Nugget Girl were so excited to discover that a sneaky leprechaun had sneaked into our house this morning and turned our muffins green :)  Oh to be so small and full of joy!!

Today I am Thankful for: 

The joy of my sweet small girls, the upcoming weekend that means no work for my husband, and the possibility of a nap ;)

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