Saturday, March 19, 2011

It's A Pamper Mommy Kind of Day...

Sometimes a girl just needs a little love.. and so today my husband gave me lots of it!! On top of just being at home, with me, to help me.. he also took me, Sugar mama and Nugget girl to get mani/pedis this morning.. he did paint my nails last night but this morning they looked an alien kind of green and so he just took me to the nail shop and dropped me off :)  He even washed and cleaned my car during my quiet time and then came back with the girls for their nails.

Nugget girl surprised everyone by sitting perfectly still and letting the technician paint her nails

Of course Sugar mama is an old pro...

We left straight from here to attend our nephew/cousin's 2nd birthday party where we enjoyed all things Toy Story.  Nugget girl is currently obsessed with these movies.  Mama J bought them for her as a Christmas present and she watches them everyday... all day on repeat if I would let her.  We enjoyed a little extended family time and then left to do some more mommy pampering.  

I needed new tennis shoes because I have all but worn out my fantastic $20 Ross' Under Armor shoes that I absolutely love.  So I went to find some new ones... unfortunately I was not so lucky, but I did pick up some Warm Vanilla Sugar body cream, hand sanitizers for my diaper bag, and a beautiful lavender nail polish complete with a huge blinging toe ring :)

Next, because I have stopped eating sweets for Pea in a Pod's stomach consideration and my unhealthy relationship has been on hiatus for a while.. the hubs treated all of his ladies to Banana Pudding Milk shakes from Chick-fil-a.. P.S. it was obviously meant to be because it was B.O.G.O :)  Nugget girl was just too tired to finish.

I finally did find some awesome Nike's.. not my original choice (sold out) but a great pair (On Sale), Nike Tank Top and some great Nike socks!!  I am particular about my socks :)

In conclusion.. my toes look awesome, I have new socks and shoes for my awesome toes, and some wonderful smelling bath products to keep those toes smelling awesome.. good times!! :)

Today I am Thankful for: 

A Little Me Time that reminds me that I can have, and do things outside of Lively Situation and life will still be, okay!! :)

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