Wednesday, April 6, 2011

All The Places You Will Go...

This week, my 2 oldest girls are on a mini-vaca without me.  I know, I know!! My grandmother had agreed to take my cousins for the week of spring break and kindly asked me to take my 2 sweetest girls.  At first I politely declined.  Nothing against my grandmother, but my children are always with me.  But after some consideration, and more asking from my nanny, I agreed, reluctantly.  Again, not because of nanny, just simply because I wouldn't have anything to do without them :(

You would think that I would enjoy the break... Um.. NO!! I miss them incredibly, so much that when I spoke with them yesterday I almost cried.  How Sad!! 

side note: I am now convinced that I will have to find some semblance of a life because I refuse to have empty nest syndrome 12 years from now!! :)

Any who.. Pea in a Pod and I have been staring at each other and taking lots of naps.  I used to think that having a baby was so hard.. back when I had only one baby, now I know that it was such a breeze.  I was just to much of a novice to know :)

So this is how we've spent our days... This is all of the places that Pea in a Pod went yesterday.. Or Slept...

On the Sofa One..

On the sofa Two..

On the play gym in the floor...

And finally in her basinett

Man do I miss those girls!!  Those little traitors just talked to their daddy and didn't even ask to speak to me :(  

For future reference they will never go anywhere again!! :)  (kidding, kidding... well sort of)

Today I am Thankful for:

The fun my sweet little girls are having... even if it means that I'm bored out of my mind!! :)

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