Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Life as I know it...

We finally got our girls back and the week has been so busy.. 

First we untied them, which is how they were transported back.. JUST KIDDING :)

First thing first I fixed my hair.  Not in the flat iron sense but in the I-got-frustrated-with-dark-roots-and-dyed-it-myself way... I had to get it fixed because my frustration bought me orange hair... (sigh :)  
Monday: We fed the ducks.. man those were some greedy ducks.  We didn't even pull out our bread before they waddled on over to gobble it up.  We had the added benefit of feeding a ton of smaller fish, and watching a duck wiggly it's feathery booty in the air :)

Wednesday: I got to do my all time favorite thing... buy books from the thrift store... I read a lot and two summers ago I decided to start keeping the books I read.  Mostly because it's hard to remember which one's I've read, but also because in the off chance I want to read them again, I have them... Below shows the 131 books I have read since the summer of 2009.

Thursday: I look down to find Pea in a Pod like this....

Notice the one un-socked foot sticking out of the bottom :) She loves to "chew" on blankets :)
But we spent 3 blissful hours at an inflatables place.  It was wonderful because we were the only ones there.  My sweet nugget girl was so good!! I simply ached with the love as I watched her have fun with such open joy on her face, and sweetness in her heart as she played with the 3 other children who showed up at various times.  I noticed that she followed, but I would almost describe it as herding her little friends to do what she wanted them to do.  And she played little mama!!  She had such a good time that she didn't cry a single tear when it was time to leave.  As we walked to the car she said "Mama, I so happy.  I so proud of you!!"  Man I love my girls!!

Today Nugget girl, Pea in a Pod and I went to have lunch with Mama J for her birthday.  My girls, when you read this later in life, know that YOUR mama loves birthdays.  I may stay 29 for a long time but I will always want to acknowledge birthdays no matter what my birth certificate says :)  The hubs went on a school field trip with Sugar Mama to the zoo!! Again Nugget girl was simply so good.  She held hands with my niece and acted like such a big girl!!

We came home today and played outside where we attempted to take the training wheels off of Sugar Mama's bike.  She was nervous and is simply not having it yet.  But we'll get there!! So that's it for this week. 

Today I am Thankful for: 

It took me 4 days to get this post together because Nugget girl couldn't stay awake long enough for me to have a moment to get this picture :)

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