Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Love Story....

I mentioned in the last post that I read a lot... and I do.  I read anything that peaks my interest and that's exactly how I choose my books.  As superficial as it sounds if I'm browsing a bunch of different books, such as in a thrift stores, I look for the covers that are pretty and bright. :)  Of course I also look for names that I recognize and have enjoyed before, but if I don't recognize, then I "Judge a book by it's cover" :)

I read, as the old man in the thrift store put it, garbage books.  He admitted his wife enjoyed those too, so he was kind but, never the less, my choice in reading material should be put on the curb.  I love the stories, how each one is different in characters, plot line, etc., but if you really look at it they are all inherently the same.  Boy meets girl, boy loses girl, boy and girl find each other once again... they love like they have never loved before, insert heart breaking, tear jerking climax here... and then BAM! we're married!!

It's not realistic.  It's certainly not real life.  You will find that either one or both of the main characters is insanely rich.  Able to make plans at a moments notice, fly to parts unknown, and soak up sand and sun while the real world works and struggles around them.  I enjoy these books because while the stories are fictitious and I know they do not emulate real life, I read because I like stepping into the mind of the author.  She will describe, love, heart break, loneliness, anger, in a way totally different then the person before her.

However, as I've been reading I started to fear that it was setting me up for an inevitable failure.  In the world there is love, passion, happiness, all the ideas found in the book, but it doesn't have to be whirlwind romances in exotic places.  Or at the hands of the ridiculously wealthy.  While these books are fun to invite into my life for a short time, I know that the romance found in that book should not be a comparison to the romance I find in my life.  My husband isn't rich... he has an actual job that requires him to work.  He doesn't fight in wars, or engage in vicious fights with the "bad guys" but he sure is my hero.

True romance is the ability to have a strong shoulder to cry on when needed.  Strong arms that hold you when your day seems it cannot get any worse.  Kind words when your self esteem has taken a serious blow.  Eyes that light up when his daughters get so excited to see him.  Peace in his heart when the turmoil threatens to surround him.  A responsibility and commitment to his family that simply outweighs everything else.  A man that loves with his whole heart and promises to protect the love you've put in him.  I love my husband more and more everyday.  To the point that when I've had dreams that ran parallel with the plot lines of books that I've read.. my heart has physically ached in my sleep because the man in that dreams in not the man of mine.  I don't love him for his money or the notions expected from romance novels, but because when it comes to real life, and real love, he's the only author I need. 

Today I am thankful for: 

J. J. D.


  1. You-Know-Who. :))))April 27, 2011

    OMG! I seriously almost cried! :)))
    How sweet is that! :)))
    I love you guys and hope that i am lucky enough one day to find someone like Jesse and feel the way you do about him. :))))

    Heather :D

  2. :) I sure hope you find someone like him because he is nothing short of fabulous, but don't forget the one you find had better appreciate what he finds in YOU or he won't be worth his weight in salt. Love you too!