Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day 2011...

My Middle girl is slightly obsessed with Toy Story.  Mama J bought her all 3 movies for Christmas and they have since been on heavy rotation.  That being said, all of her family bought her Toy Story for her birthday.
1: Ken and Barbie from Sugar Mama :)
2. Mr. & Mrs. Potato head, they must be kept together because they are madly in love :)
Mr. from Uncle Christopher and Mrs. From Mimi
3. Trixie the dinosaur from Mimi and Pawpaw D
4. Jessie from Aunt Amanda
5, 6, & 7: Dolly, Hamm (evil Dr. Porkchop) and Bullseye from Daddy, Mommy, and Pea in a Pod.
8. Buzz Lightyear from Mimi 
9. Rexy from Gigi and Pops
10 & 11. Mr. Pricklepants and Buttercup from Mimi D and Pawpaw D.

She also got Jessie cow girl boots to go with her Jessie t-shirt :)

But today is Mother's Day.. and never let it be said that my husband does not know me, for he does, sometimes even better than I know myself.

My mantle has been empty for the almost year that we have lived here.  Just waiting for the right thing to take up it's entirety... today it found it.

He printed a very large size picture of my 3 sweetest girls, had it framed, and finally completed the room.

Today I am Thankful for: 

The three gorgeous girls who made me a mother, and for my own who taught me to be one. 

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