Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Life is all about compromise...

First let me say that after watching a video that demonstrated the devastation felt in Alabama, my thoughts and prayers are with all of them.  For ways you can help please visit: 
lambertslately.com, she's a local blogger with loads of information.

So here is my compromise for the day.. as I have mentioned on more occasions than I wish to count, Nugget girl and I are at a potty training cross roads.  I bit the bullet yesterday and went with the Hubs to buy her a potty.. (for the record I was totally against buying another toilet to clean, but I digress)... she was insanely stoked about this potty.  She came home immediately and sat on it, and went potty!! The next morning she was all to excited to get up and sit on her "race car potty".. (that's right, of all the potties, she chose Disney's Cars :) I'm just thankful there were no Toy Story ones :) and she sat for about 10 minutes, took a break, came back and actually went potty.

Great!! a potty... and then accidents for the rest of the day... 

To tell you I'm frustrated is such an understatement I cannot even think of the first clever thing to compare it to.  So this morning I thought we would awake to renewed excitement over the specially purchased potty, only to meet stubborn resistance...

Oh, no... Not Today!!  So I picked up the potty and brought it straight into my living room and sat it in front of her beloved cartoons and sat her tush right on it.  Results = 5 potties and only 1 accident.  

Funny moment of the day: I was unloading the dishwasher and heard her moving around in the living room.  I poked my head around the corner and she had moved her potty to a private corner spot and proceeded to poop all by herself.  I realize that you could absolutely not care less about Nugget Girl's poop, but that was one of the best moments of my day... I too am asking myself what my life has become :)

So I compromised.. I want her to go potty like the almost 3 year old she is, and she wants to sit and watch television... so we're potty training from the living room :)  And quite frankly I am happy to do it :)

Today I am Thankful for: 

My Nugget girl.  Who will be 3 tomorrow, who insists on potty training while watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and who will one day be absolutely mortified when I show her future husband the photo of her being potty trained while watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse :)

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