Tuesday, May 10, 2011

On a New Journey...

I've just started a group I am really excited about.  It's a discipleship group with 5 other ladies from my church that range in ages 28 -65.  We are reading Bridges of the Journey.  We meet once a week and discuss this ministry together.  You can find the first 2 sections of navpress.com.  I encourage you to try it!!

This is a great group of women and I am so excited to go deeper in to God's word.  It completed a day that has gone much better.  I'm still missing my friend sleep but my wonderful husband let me take a nap today before I went to my meeting.  

There is just something about interacting with sweet Godly women that does my soul good.  I get that from Nugget girl's dance studio as well as these women in my church.  It makes me feel like a woman as a separate entity from mother, wife.  Not that I don't enjoy and love those roles in my life, it's just nice to have an adult conversation every once in a while :)

On a side note Nugget girl has been actively potty training for over a week and finally today we went potty all day with no accidents!!  I cannot tell you how happy and accomplished that makes me feel!!  It also makes me feel like she is not a baby anymore.  I am both insanely pleased and slightly sad :/

Today I am Thankful for: 

My church family... a place where I can find good friends and lots of God's love

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