Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Busier Than Ever...

It's summer time, and one would think that this would be a much simpler time for me.  It so isn't.  I started back school 3 weeks ago and I already have my first test.  For a class that meets once a week it's a little overwhelming.  

Sugar Mama is home, which is Great for Nugget girl, but Nugget girl is giving me the hardest time on Potty Training.  She was doing so well that I decided to put her in panties.  I have thrown away no less than 3 pairs because she refuses to go on her own.  She will only go if I remind her to go, and sometimes even between the times I remind her.  Why is she not sensing that she needs to go on her own.  Is it something I'm doing wrong?  I've only potty trained one girl and she was a breeze... what is going on?  It has me so stressed out because she cannot go to school in August, or move up with her friends at Church school if she doesn't learn to go.  I even had a super sensitive dream about it.  So this keeps me running all day long, and tied to the house for fear of puddles at the store.

My little sweet pea is just growing so much.  And what a smiley baby!! If I even look at her she gives me a grin so big I can see all of her gums!!  We are easing into baby foods, and I'm really not in any hurry to take her there fully, because she is quite possibly my last baby.

Last night I was brushing my 2 oldest girls teeth and I looked at their 3 little towels all hanging next to each other on the wall.  My thought: there isn't room for a fourth.  We have only 3 extra bedrooms (if you count our current playroom which will eventually be Sugar Mama's bedroom).. no fourth for a future baby.  And to be quite honest I'm not sure that I want to do that again... but to be even more honest I would do it again... If I could have a boy.

The twin is having one in a couple of weeks and I am so envious I can barely stand it.  Not of her, but of the fact that she will have a son and I'm all but certain I never will.  Should the Husband and I decide to not have any more children it will be a regret for me.  I understand that God controls that, but there's no reason to not be honest here... so there it is.

On a happier note Nugget girl had her very first dance recital.  I was nervous at first because she was asleep when we arrived.  When she woke up she was not happy!! When it was time to wait in line to go on stage she started to cry.  At the 11th hour she decided to be my big sweet girl and dance like the pro she is ;)

We also enjoyed some water time in this extreme heat!!

Nugget girl swimming all by herself with her floaties.  She doesn't even want me to touch her!!

And Sugar Mama who feels way more comfortable jumping into the deep end with floaties on.

Today I am Thankful for: 

A break in the chaos.  Yesterday had the potential to be a rather chaotic day.  8 loads of laundry, plus 3 children and an upcoming test.  God saw fit to give me a break, let me stay in my p.j.'s all day, and get all 8 loads of laundry washed, folded, and put away.  He also let pea in a pod sleep for a while so I could get some school work done.  It was nice for just a moment to breathe.


  1. Your girls are beautiful! I do understand your statement about the boy. When we were finding out what gender Korbyn would be, I had to tell myself not to cry if it was another girl. I love my girl SO much but I so wanted a boy. Obviously, Korbyn is a boy but I kind of understand how you feel. You hear mom's always talking about their little boys and that special love and I wanted to know that so bad! Anyway, I hope school goes okay. And you guys can start slowing down some.

  2. Not only do I want that for me, but I want it for my husband also. We'll have to wait and see what the future holds, but for now we're sticking with 3 :)