Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Happy Sixth Birthday My Sweetest Girl...

Today you turn 6 years old!! Happy Birthday.  

Let's see... you started off the day by bounding in to my bathroom shouting "Today is My Birthday!!" Before any of us could wish you a happy birthday :)  You spent the morning asking for things for "the birthday girl".  We went out today and bought your party supplies and birthday cake for your upcoming Rock Star/Make over party.  How exciting it was to purchase colored hair on bobby pins to attach to your friends :) Next we came home for you to bathe and then pick out your clothes..
*side note* the skirt you picked out today was a little too small.  You refused to admit that and even went so far as to say "I'm not taking it off"... it made me laugh. Hard.
So where did you decide to eat today?  Zaxby's where you declared that Zaxby's is the best restaurant, because they make everything you love.  Of course you were sipping a birthday cake milkshake so perhaps your judgement is a little sugary cloudy :)  We sang happy birthday to you and let you open your presents.  
Daddy and I got you and ipod.. which you pronounce oddpod and you were ecstatic.  You cannot wait for it to charge so you can listen to Justin Bieber, Lemonade Mouth and Big Time Rush.  I have already uttered the statement today.. 6 going on 16. :)

You are: 
Tender Hearted: I see so much of myself in you that it hurts my heart for you.  You may find yourself years from not wondering why people won't like you, or why they insist on being mean.  Part of me wishes to make you a little tougher, and the other part knows that someday someone will love that tender heart as it should be.  I haven't decided which part has won out :)

You are incredibly funny.  I laugh at the funny things that you say often.  An especially funny facet of your personality is your insistence on using new vocabulary even when you are not sure that it finds it's rightful place. 

You are Loving.  You love Nugget Girl and Sweet Pea as patiently and kindly as any mama I know.  I just know one day you will be a great mother.  Years, and years, and years down the road.. PLEASE!!

Inside that pure heart of yours is innocence.  Just this year, without fully understanding what you had done, you asked Jesus to come and live in your heart.  He was the one who brought you safely into this world, he guides your heart daily, for you've never known a life without him.  Keep that.  For in the years to come you will need him more than ever.

Today I am so Thankful for: 

That sweet bundle of joy who first made me a mother.  You worried me silly when you were fighting to stay safe, but brought me closer to God by showing me that against all odds, God is always bigger.  I love you and Happy Birthday Sugar Mama!!


  1. Geez Christina, way to make me cry. AGAIN!

  2. Awww, why did you cry? Either way I'm sorry :)